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Does anybody else want to go on a huge adventure/journey like a main character in a movie?

I just feel like my life is so boring and pointless. I want to feel this huge purpose like I have some sort of important destiny to fulfill. I want adventure. I want excitement. I want purpose. I want to do something great.
Idk I just binge watched all the Kung fu panda movies again for no reason and I was like “Maybe I could be like Po” . Tbh I feel like Po a lot (clumsy,useless etc) amongst a crowd of the furious five (competent,useful, better at everything etc) and the fact that Po become a essential part of a group and defeated the leopard/peacock despite being the way he is gave me some sort of hope in a weird way. Ugh what am I even going on about lol anyways does anybody else have a similar longing? I’ve always had it but this movie series just reminded me of it. This is a fairly common element of the dating profiles I see, and it just plain baffles me. "I love going on adventures!" Like, hiking? camping? travel? I don't think so, because those activities are usually listed separately from "adventures." Maybe like the show Adventure Time, except I'm pretty sure there aren't any dungeons around here to explore, nor any monsters to be slayed. I don't know.
The formal definition of adventure is "an exciting or very unusual experience." Could some of you just give me a few examples of what constitutes "going on an adventure" in this dating profile context? What on earth are all these women on about? I mean the kind of epic adventure that people look at you and say you're crazy when you talk about it. The kind without guides. The kind you don't just pay your way through. The kind no one else is doing. The kind you might write a book about one day. A serious adventure where you didn't even know if it was possible until you decided to do it.
Anytime I meet someone who road their bike from Europe to Asia or bought a horse in Mongolia and hit the highlands, or read a book about crossing the Australian outback on foot, hitchhiked through Afghanistan, or canoeing the Mississippi, or amazon, or wherever, it really inspires me.
I've been traveling for a while now and I've just really felt the urge to challenge myself with a proper journey of a lifetime, instead of the usual tourist circuits. I motorcycled up Vietnam over two months, and that was just a taste of the kind of thing I want to do. I want to do something really adventurous.
Anything you've done? Or are planning? Or have heard of someone doing that really inspired you? Ideas? Living a life of adventure, an unordinary life, an escape from 9-5
I'm assuming this gets asked absolutely everywhere on Reddit but I've been scouring the internet and haven't found answers to my satisfaction so here I come everyone.
A bit of background. I'm 15 years old (almost 16), male, overbearing parents and an unquenching hate for the 9-5. Daily life, doing the same thing every day, it just kills me.For the longest time, my biggest dream has been adventures. That's all I want, I just want to explore the whole world. It's so big, there's so much to see, and that's what I want to do. For the rest of my life, I want exploring and adventures and just to get away from the ordinaryness of daily life. I want something else.
My question is, how. I want to live life like the big name explorers, Ernest Hemingway, Ibn Battuta, Marco Polo, James Cook, Christopher Columbus. Even fucking Indiana Jones. Obviously this is way less possible these days, but there's got to be some way, right? Some way to spend your life adventuring. That's all I want, jumping out of planes, climbing mountains, retracing the Silk Road, cycling across South America, riding motorcycles across the Atlantic, all of it.
I've considered possible venues. Maybe getting a job as a zoologist, National Geographic, as a consultant, starting a travel blog, working freelance. Everything just seems unlikely, though.Help me out, guys. Please.
I want to learn how to live a life of adventure (within reason - I know, it's kind of unreasonable to expect a life like Earnest Hemmingway)
I don't plan on having kids sooo I figure I might have time and energy to be more adventurous. To live a life worth telling stories about. I know it sounds strange, but I just don't know HOW.
I'm not quite sure why (I think it must be the way the songs progress), but each of these songs evoke feelings of adventure. Do you have a song that does something similar?
When high school ended, I went to Greece with a few friends for a 2 week vacation. One day we were just relaxing on the beach, and one of my friends was looking at one of the mountains on the island (Crete) and said "Guys... wanna climb that mountain?". Though none of us had any experience with hiking at all, we decided to do it anyway. The next morning, we bought a couple of bottles of water and went on our way. On our way we went through some olive fields, found lots of animal-skulls, enjoyed the great view. It took us about 5 hours to get to the top, we greatly underestimated how long it would take us. When we got there, we just sat for about an hour, had some amazing conversations and enjoyed the amazing view of the island. It was another 4 hour trip back and we didn't have much food (we thought going to the top and back would take about 4 hours).
I know it's not that amazing, but we were all city kids with barely any 'wildlife' experience. I live in the Netherlands, so mountains were a new thing too. All in all, it made a huge impression on us and in my boring city life, it was the most adventurous thing I've done. I used to swipe left on everyone who said that because it felt like they wanted to suddenly go camping and canoeing for days or ride bikes between towns without planning or even spend 6 months backpacking through Europe. I took it literally like a physical adventure that involves sports or quitting a job.
But now I’m feeling like people use that to describe doing anything they like but ON A WHIM. Like spending next weekend in NY, hiking all day, bar hopping, doing lsd in a dumpster, or even deciding last minute to dine at a restaurant. Is it just an empty word? What do people mean when they say they like to go on adventures/want someone to go on adventures with?
For example- a few years ago I drove out around 2 hours to a theme park, had a fun time there, stopped at a late night movie on the way back- think it was the movie Adrift, and then drove back and got home probably AM time at that point.
I find doing these kinds of adventures once in a while can be fun. Go out on the open road, listen to some music and podcasts and do whatever. I'm such a cliche. I'm about to be 30 and I can see all of my hopes and dreams and ideas for how my life will be when I grow up go into this box of "that would have been cool". I feel like I'm going to be stuck in this sad little cycle of work, dinner, tv, sleep, work, dinner, tv, sleep. I'm sad there's no excitement or anything worth looking forward to. I've pretty much always been lame and figured one day I would be able to do cool stuff like travel over seas, and see things in person that I have only ever seen in movies or books or friggin Instagram. But now I realize that stuff is never just going to fall into my lap, that I have to make it happen, and I'm definitely ready to start living.
We're not made of money. Pretty much everything I make already belongs to someone else... Loans, Landlord, Taxes, Food... It's depressing to say the least. But we've been able to save a bit of money and I would LOVE to go somewhere and experience something new. Boyfriend has no goals for experiences or interest in looking into places to go. He is perfectly okay being "a boring nerd" as he puts it.
I'm finding it really hard not to resent him for this. As much as I love the guy, I feel like I'm going to wind up hating him one day for never giving a shit about sharing in my interests. Yeah, I'll play videogames, I'll go to the occasional convention, I'll hang out at the comic book store with him with NO COMPLAINTS. It's not that I don't like these things, but they're HIS interests. I can never get him to do something I would enjoy without a severe amount of complaining or nit picking. Can't go to concerts together. Going to the museum is boring. He's not outdoorsy and camping sucks.
I never noticed he was boring in the 5+ years we've been together. We've enjoyed hanging out together, we have a giant friend group that always gets together, we laugh and are stupid in love. I'm just starting to get pissed off that while it feels like I'm trying to grow as a person and live a life I would be happy to remember on my death bed, he doesn't want to expand at all which basically leaves me to do the things by myself and not share experiences with him. I'm worried that'll create a huge distance between us.
I've expressed that I feel this way and I don't want the only conclusion to be that we've grown apart or something. This is my guy. This is THE dude. I just wish he felt strongly enough to care about growing and sharing our life together instead of me going off and having my adventures alone and being unable to bond over those adventures or share stories and memories. I've given a fair bit of online dating profile critiques, and my main way of evaluating a long-form profile like those on OKC is asking, "Reading the text and looking at the pictures, do I get a sense of the kind of adventure I could have with this person?"
Obviously adventure is a highly dramatic language, but I do find this approach useful. For the most part, people are looking for a partner who adds something of value to their lives. They want to know what they can expect to do and experience with another person – not just what they are like in vague, static terms.
I believe the main skill in online dating is communicating what that adventure is through images and text. Artsy hipster drinking wine in a gallery opening, a chill animal lover sharing a lettuce wrap with her pet rabbit and an avid outdoorsman admiring a mountain view can all make good Tinder photos, because they show something you can picture yourself in. As any realtor knows, that's the kind of image that elicits an emotional response.
As a thought exercise: Whether or not you have a profile, do you have a good grasp of the adventure you have on offer? What's the scene someone can picture themselves in? Technical constraints aside, if you could have the perfect photograph of you being your most interesting, attractive self, what would it be? Growing up my family wasn't really the constant adventure/travel types due to a combination of money issues and disinterest. For myself I'd say I could usually commit to planning one big trip a year, but it seems like the expectation in every woman's online dating profile includes a requirement for not stop adventures.
Is this a thing that women see a lot of on guys profiles too? Are people just allergic to eating out and relaxing as opposed to constantly running around in their free time? I've been having a thirst for adventure, can anyone relate?
I'm 40 years old, married, no kids. Lately I've been very dissatisfied with life. I've been having a desperate thirst for adventure. I'm tired of coming home, having dinner, working out, then reading or watching TV. I'm tired of board game nights with the guys where we park our asses at the table for the whole evening and try to outdo each other at an arbitrary ruleset. I'm tired of messing around with my wife and wondering if she's even enjoying it then we roll over and go to sleep. I'm tired of being tired all the time. I'm tired of having no energy and no motivation to do anything else.
All I want is for something exciting to happen. I'd go out somewhere but I'm tired by 9pm. I want some new friends that aren't boring. I want to yell at someone, I want to scream with excitement, I want my wife to be enthusiastic in and out of bed, I want to get my heart pounding and not with just more squats but something meaningful and unexpected. I crave mental stimulation.
Mostly I just feel desperate and bored, and I don't even how to change. I don't meet people very easily. My wife is boring and not motivated to change. I'm awful at every single sport, about all I can do is things that involve putting one foot in front of another like hiking.
I'm doing okay finance-wise, I'm in good shape, and I'm healthy. What is going on with me and how do I address it? Do you ever feel like your friends are either settled down or not adventurous and eventually you will have no one left to explore this world with?
35F single lady here! Lately I feel like anytime I want to do something fun it’s hard to get friends to be on board. Maybe it’s my age and people are settling down? But even my single friends aren’t that motivated to go out on weekends. I feel like eventually I will just have myself. It’s frustrating bc sometimes I want to do things but I want someone to do it with and if I can’t find a friend to join I end up just sitting at home. Do others feel this way too? Should I just get comfortable doing everything alone even traveling? I'm pretty much a homebody but I do love exploring on my own when I get the chance to. It can be something as simple as going to a supermarket I've never been to before. I love those small adventures.
I realized that last year when I went to a concert. I went to Paris for the first time, took the train for the first time, took an Uber and checked into a hotel for the first time, and went to the concert for the first time, all on my own... My mom was so worried something would happen to me because I had never done anything like this before, but everything was fine in the end and to this day my family is still impressed that I did that lol. They always thought I'd be too anxious or inexperienced to pull it off.
But my favorite part wasn't even the concert. I mean, it was really fun and I'd love to go to another concert someday. But my favorite part was walking through the city, checking in at the hotel, taking the elevator (I love elevators), chilling in my hotel room, travelling by train (the sunrise in the countryside is a sight I'll never forget, so beautiful) etc. They're such normal things but it was super fun to me for some reason. I felt really free and independent.
I remember when I was a teen and I'd go on long car rides with my dad or my brother, when they'd say "I'm not sure where we are right now" or "I think we're lost" I'd feel so excited. New sights! New adventures! The unknown! How exciting! Then they'd pull out the GPS and I'd be so disappointed lol. When I get my driving license, I'm going on solo adventures for sure.

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