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Have you ever been kicked out and had to live on the streets or at a friend's house?

I’m 18. I got kicked out of college for crying and running off and hiding in the toilets when stressed out. What should I do now that I’ve been permanently banned from the only college I can get to every day?
Did your parents kick you out of the house? If so, why, and how old were you?
What got you kicked out of someone’s house?
Have you ever had to kick a guest out of your house? What's the story?
Have you ever had a house guest that took advantage of your hospitality? How did you get rid of them?
What's the most disrespectful thing a guest ever did in your home?
What is the best way to walk away from people who disrespect your feelings?
What's the psychology behind people who get easily offended? Is getting offended an auto-victimization? Why would they act in a hostile manner instead of moving on or exposing their argument to the offender?
How can I get my wife to reduce monologing and cutting me off mid-sentence? I am very aware sometimes guys should just listen, but it feels like I am always just listening and being cut off.
Boyfriend gets very mad when I interrupt him (for clarification or input) when I can’t help it & he’s the only one who’s ever brought this up. How do I get him to see that’s just who I am when he can’t accept it?
I’m at my wit’s end with my husband of 20 years interrupting me, talking over the top of me, hogging the conversation, contradicting most of what I say, and saying he didn’t hear what I said. It seems every conversation is a struggle. What can I do?
My boyfriend cuts me off in conversation and doesn't let me speak. What does that mean when only my boyfriend does not let me talk in conversation with others?
My boyfriend doesn’t let me talk in arguments and refuses to hear my side of the story. What should I do?
Whenever I get into argument with my boyfriend he stubbornly shuts me out proving me wrong and doesn't even listen to my point of view (He only listens when I try to break up with him) How can I know if he really cares about me or genuinely loves me?
I constantly argue with my boyfriend about things that bother me because he ignores me and doesn't try to communicate, which leads me to believe I'm problematic. Am I the toxic one or is he?
My boyfriend and I have been together for 1.5 years and we argue but now it has come to the point where I open my mouth to say something or tell him my feelings or anything and he thinks we are arguing every time. How do I fix this?
My boyfriend thinks I complain about everything all the time. I truly believe I only point out little things that bother me. Now I feel like I can’t talk to him about my problems anymore, what do I do?
Every time I tell my boyfriend about my problems, he always dismisses them and tells me that it’s my fault for the reason I’m complaining about it in the first place. Is he right for that?
My boyfriend always thinks that I’m complaining or trying to argue with him when I’m just trying to communicate with him. What should I do?
What do I do when my boyfriend gets offended by tiny little things all the time?
How should I react when my boyfriend gets mad over small things? I constantly analyze how I should ask him things without him getting mad. For example, asking him to put the sound down when he watches TV and I want to sleep.
My boyfriend is short-tempered. When I try to tell him his words and actions upset me or make me sad, he just gets mad at me and so I just always apologize to him. What should I do?
I am with my boyfriend for 6 years now. Sometimes I am completely crazy about him, and other times I can't stand him. Deeply. I can't decide if this is my fluctuating nature, or if it says something about our relationship. Thoughts?
Too much love annoys me. My boyfriend of 5 years is still madly in love with me, but I find it hard to return all the love that I receive from him. His love/care/affection annoys me and makes me feel like I'm in debt. Is this normal?
Why does everything my boyfriend do annoy me? I love him, but I can’t help but to respond with an attitude towards him or feel tensed when he’s around? He’s a sweetheart but I still am so moody with him. Why am I like that?
What does it mean if I get annoyed by little things that my boyfriend says or does?
In the last couple of weeks, I've found myself getting very easily annoyed by my girlfriend. I find myself feeling very anxious around her, and when she does anything that can be interpreted as mean or annoying, I react very negatively instantly. We're in our 9th month of dating, and up until this point, everything seems pretty awesome. We have good communication, amazing sex life, she makes me feel great. I'm not sure when this anxiety and annoyedness started, but it's mainly just the past couple of weeks. It may have been triggered by a period of time where we spent a week straight together, with almost no time to ourselves.
So recently Ive been getting really frustrated with my boyfriend. Itll be small things that have nothing to do with him but sometimes his input just makes me more frustrated if that makes sense. I feel really bad for it, sometimes I can get mean towards him and I always regret it. Nothing serious, just swearing or I tell him to stop talking to me or that he's being annoying, but I never mean it. I've always had problems controlling my temper and get frustrated/impatient easily but I don't want to hurt him or our relationship with my frustration. It's always because I have something else going on but since he's the person I'm always around I get a temper with him. I want to make progress, I always apologize like right after because I hate getting annoyed with him, but I want to be kinder and not escalate it in a mean way. I bring it up to him and tell him Im sorry and dont want to be annoyed, but he keeps saying its not a big deal and that we're fine and he knows I love him and bever mean it. He thinks getting annoyed is normal but I hate being annoyed so often and in such a shitty way. We have a great healthy loving relationship besides me getting annoyed, but I really want to get better so please absolutely any advice would help! I have meetings at school with a therapist and have worked on an anger management workbook but I want to feel like Im actually being kinder and handling it better.
Has anyone ever went through a similar phase with their partner, yet still came out of in love and fine? Is this normal, or worth worrying about? I don't think this suggests that the relationship is over, but I'm wondering if any successful couples have went through similar phases? He has some issues around ‘privacy’ and he hates prying questions. I keep this in mind when I talk to him and I’ve changed my behaviour a lot to accommodate this hang up he has. For example I used to ask where he was going when he left a room as I like to have an idea of where people are when I’m in the same house, it’s weird I know, but I stopped asking when he said he didn’t like it and I could recognise it as an unnecessary question.
But when I ask what I consider to be basic conversation starter questions he gets really defensive or really irritated. He also gets annoyed if he feels like I should know the answer, even though I genuinely don’t.
Some examples for context: Why do I feel irritated by my boyfriend even though I love him a lot?
I woke up and he was on his phone next to me in bed, I rolled over and touched him but he didn’t acknowledge me so I said ‘whatcha doing?’ And he snaps “what’s it to you?’
I love my boyfriend but he annoys me so much to the point where I'd rather not talk to him. He senses it. How do I handle this?
We were packing the car with some rubbish and he said he wanted to take some of our neighbours and I asked where it was and he snapped at me and said ‘over there obviously’. He was putting his shoes on to go out randomly in the middle of the day and as he walked past me I said ‘oh where are you going?’ Ans he snapped ‘what does it matter?!’. He left for work earlier than usual one morning before I was up, he usually tells me when he has to go into the office but this time he hadnt. When he got back I greeted him as normal and then asked what he had to go into the office for today. He got annoyed and asked me why I was asking. I said I was just starting a conversation but he refused to answer and kept asking what the reason I asked was.
We’ve spoken about this issue before and he’s given some context to why he acts like this, some past traumas, so I’m absolutely willing to give him some leeway on his auto-reactions. But I’m not sure I can just roll over and accept that I can never ask him any questions he deems ‘prying’.
He rarely apologises after the fact and most of the time when I bring up in the moment that his reaction upsets me he basically just tells me I’m overreacting or I already know why he does it or he’s just in a bad mood.
I feel like if he reacted negatively and then apologised afterwards or even just genuinely acknowledged the fact that his reaction wasn’t ideal then I could feel better about it.
What’s the best way to deal with this going forward? I feel like I’ve already explained how it affects me and what I want from him but nothing seems to get better.

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