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How often do you long for a boyfriend?

Why do most relations not last long/forever? Should we leave a relationship just because we know it won't last forever? How do I be in a relationship which I know won't last? Which is better: staying in a relationship you know has no future but your significant other makes you happy in the moment or ending the relationship that will make you extremely upset but you know it is the "right thing to do" for your future? Would you stay in a relationship even though you know that there's no future for the two of you? For the most part, it's a great relationship, but it's not meant for the long term because your significant other is destined to marry someone else? Is it worth breaking up a relationship because it has no future even though the couple is deeply in love with each other? Have you ever ended a relationship due to incompatibility even though you loved each other? What do I say if my boyfriend thinks we are incompatible and just love is not enough? How can I get my boyfriend back when he think we are not compatible? We love each other, but he says we are not suited for one another. What should I do? What does it mean when suddenly the guy says we have no future or we are different from each other (no he's not cheating or dating anyone else)? If your boyfriend and you are not compatible, can the relationship work and how can you make it work? How do you know if your relationship suffers from incompatibility or if differences can be put aside to work it out? What are some early signs of romantic incompatibility? Have you ever broken up while both of you still love each other? Did you ever initiate a breakup with someone you loved so much? Why did you break up with your partner who was clearly in love with you and you loved them back? Did you really love them or did you just think you did? My ex and I broke up but we still love each other, we’re still friends. He says that he had to make some sacrifices. We had a talk and he said maybe we could try again when things were more stable. Should I wait or should I find another guy? What should you do if you have parted ways with your love but both still love each other? I’m falling in love with someone who doesn’t want a relationship but likes me and wants to keep sleeping with me, what should I do? How can you stop caring about someone who doesn't care about you? How do I get over someone I’ve never had? How do I get over this heartbreak, this misplaced feeling of something that never belonged to me? How can you get over someone you've never dated but had a huge and continuing obsessive crush on? What causes one to get into an obsession like this? Is it a sign something might be missing within you? Have you ever hurt someone deeply who you had loved with all your heart? Can you forgive yourself now? How do you get over someone you thought was “the one” who broke your heart? How do you forgive yourself for breaking the heart of a girl who loved you?

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