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Do you believe karma will hit back those who have done harm to other people?

Do you believe that karma will always come around to someone who hurt you, or whatever happens to them was just by chance? How has 'karma' hit you in life or made you realize your bad deeds? Does karma really hit back on people who play with your life? Does Karma really work? If so, why do I see extremely evil people living so happily, but ruining other people’s life? Why doesn't karma catch up to people who do horrible things? Why do bad people have no consequences for their actions karmic or otherwise? Everytime something bad happens, people say 'karma will take care'. But in real life no toxic person in my life has got it. In fact, they are enjoying luxuries and well settled. Does karma exist? I lost my trust on this. People say that narcissists live everyday full of karma. Where and what karma? While their victims can't even eat or sleep a narcissist is snoring away in their bed with the new supply. So again where is this so called karma? Do narcissists ever truly get karma? They surround themselves with people that believe their stories and defend them. They are never pushed to change. My ex told his girlfriend he's changed and just because he said this everyone saw it as the truth. Why do some people not get their karma back even after torturing others so badly? People say that narcissists live everyday full of karma. Where and what karma? While their victims can't even eat or sleep a narcissist is snoring away in their bed with the new supply. So again where is this so called karma? Do the narcissists get karma or punishments for what they do to us? He destroyed me beyond repair. Don’t tell me he will not get karma for this in this life. How can a narcissistic cheater get away with doing so much damage without facing any karma/consequences for their actions? Does a narcissist get his karma? Do his terrible actions ever catch up with him? When karma happens to a narcissist do they ever feel like they are finally getting what they deserve? Why does it seem like narcissists always get everything they want handed to them? Will karma ever come for them? The covert narcissist is secretive about everything, he doesn't answer anything related to the two of us. When I tell him how I see the things, he gets offended and feels sorry for himself. How do I know what the truth is if he don't answer anything? How can you tell if a covert narcissist knows that you’ve figured them out? Why doesn't the narcissist just go away and leave you alone? Which words would hurt a narcissist and make him leave you alone? Will a narcissist ever give in and leave you alone to move on? When narcissists do in fact regret losing you, what is it about you they miss? Why can't narcissists let you go when you throw them away? Does a narcissist ever give someone up, or does the person have to do the giving up before they do? Would a narcissist just walk away after being exposed, give up, give you everything just to have you gone? Will a narcissist leave you alone if he can't convince you to come back to him? Will a covert narcissist leave you alone for good once discarded? How do you know when a narcissist is done with you and trying to get you to be the one that leaves the relationship? And WHY do they do this? What would a narcissist do if he thinks that their partner is no more in their control and can really leave them? Will a narcissist ever realize that a good woman has gotten away?
What does a narcissist do when they realize that they can’t have you back? Is there a point in which a narcissistic partner realizes they have pushed you to far, and what is their reaction? Will a narcissist ever realize that he was wrong and gave up on a good woman? What happens when a narcissist realizes his target is not as weak as he thinks? How do you know when a narcissist is completely done with you forever? How do you show a narcissist you don't care? Does it bother a narcissist if you don’t act crazy or like you care? Why does you not caring what the narcissist is doing bother them so much? What happens when you don't engage with a narcissist? Will a narcissist ever be interested in what's going on in your life when you are discarded? Have you ever wondered why the narcissist chose you? How do you recover from betrayal from a narcissist? What does it mean when a narcissist starts to distance himself or makes me feel like he’s distant? Why do narcissist keep you around? What kind of person does a narcissist “need”? What happens when you turn your back on a narcissist and leave them high and dry? Do narcissists always devalue and discard, even if you treat them very well? What are common things you will hear from a narcissist after they’ve discarded you but continue to lead you to believe you’re “friends”? Does it get to a narcissist that you don't beg, grovel and stalk them to fix the relationship even though they are the one that discarded you? After the discard, is the narcissist waiting to hear from you? If you don't chase the narc after discard, will he get bored with the replacement quicker? Do narcissists actually mean all the horrible things they say during a narcissistic rage/discard?
Entwistle · 51-55, M
If you believe in Karma in the Hindu sense of the word then really you can't complain when a child is killed or a woman is raped etc.
These people who say 'karma' got him back when a murderer is killed are only understanding half the picture.
If you believe in Karma then you by default believe the child,woman were receiving their 'Karma' too.
Nature has the Perfect yardstick to measure deeds of All.

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