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Are you a frequent party-goer?

What type of party-goer are you? What happens when you become a partygoer? Is it like death or are you in a partygoer's body but you can't control it? I don't know if it's just me, but I tend to find parties incredibly boring. Maybe I'm just terrible at interacting with other people, but most of the time at a party I either sit down somewhere and drink, or I try to go be social and am met with disinterested people.
So, ahem, redditors being the social butterflies that they are, am I doing this right? Maybe I'm too quiet or awkward when I approach people. Any tips on how to improve my party experience? What type of person are you at parties? I’m lucky enough to go to college in a town that doesn’t really revolve around college student. There’s a lot of outdoorsy stuff to do, historical places to visit. There’s many things to do that are available to anyone, basically.
Even then, it seems like the only way to fit in and feel like an actual college kid is by going to parties. And for those of us that don’t like parties, meeting other people casually and making friends seems to be a major challenge because every other environment, from clubs and extracurriculars to classes, just feel forced. Does anyone else struggle with this? I'm a college student who doesn't drink alcohol and isn't into partying. Sometimes I feel really lonely because I feel like I'm the only one who's like this. It's tied pretty closely to who I am as a person and what kinds of goals and values I have, so it just feels like I'm around people who don't "get me" and aren't going where I'm going if that makes sense. I want to make friends like me, who not only feel similar but also get why I feel the way I do, and I just don't know how or where to find these people.
If you're into partying, meeting like-minded people is fairly easy, you just go to a party and meet people there, but how do you meet people who don't like this kind of stuff? Just like there aren't any meet up groups for non-musicians or non-golf players who bond over their lack of interest in playing music or golf, there aren't any anti-parties that explicitly attract non-party-type people. In every other environment I'm in (mostly my classes and the student body), almost everyone likes to get drunk regularly. So, how do I filter by "Doesn't drink much" and meet people like me? Is that even possible? I would elaborate loads but it's a fairly straightforward question, actually by party girl I basically mean your typical club goer or someone who is going out to raves and concerts or any kind of large social gathering where drugs and alcohol are abundant all the time. Ok with that out of the way feel free to give your answers below. The loud bass-heavy music gives me a headache. There's often a lot of smoke... which gives me a headache. There's a lot of liquor involved... which I am not really into. I go only because all my friends invite me, and I don't like to be the one person who says no. I really like my friends otherwise. Just not the parties.
I really am not sure what people like about it. I have this conspiracy theory that basically no one actually enjoys parties, but they all act like it because... ya know, you're supposed to be PUMPED at a party. How many of you would much rather stay home than go out and party?
My roommates love partying, so much so, that they are out more that 5 times a week!
I am the sort of person who would much rather spend a quite evening at home with a book and some coffee, but my roommates call me boring, and force me to go out with them.
I find their inability to stay home rather peculiar. It is making me think there's something about our house they don't like. It's bothering me.
What do you guys say? I don't understand parties. I've seen people on Reddit asking what the point of a party really is and most answers were, "to have fun." How do people have fun at a party? What's so good about being surrounded by strangers, most of which are drunk?
By the way, I'm not asking for advice. I'm trying to understand party mentality. Partying, dancing and small talk are things that don't come naturally to me. I’m a freshman whose suitemates are out every few days getting wasted. They’re also sick all the time and pretty tired. I hate drinking, I hate large and loud groups of people. Is this normal? I feel very left out. I go to a small state school. Basically what the title says. I am not much of a party goer. But if I do go to one, I stay sober, I have never drank any sort of alcohol purely for personal preference. I may as well mention I am 18 but have been to parties for adults with a my older sister as well as with cousins so let's say I'm experienced enough to know what happens at parties. I don't like being around drunk people. They say stupid shit, some get very resentful of shit that has happened years ago and some get overly close to you when they talk. You can smell the beer. Sober people are way more fun, can maintane an actual conversion and can make decisions without their judgement being impaired. I wont ever drink, that was a promise I made to myself, but I can still have a good time at a party or gathering. I'm sure it varies from person to person, but I'm curious what AskMen think of this. I've seen a lot of posts with guys wanting their girlfriend to be mature, able to hold intelligent conversations, having her own friends and hobby, etc etc. These qualities are not surprising.
But how important, if at all, is that your desirable girl (/girlfriend) to genuinely enjoy/love partying and drinking (but do so responsibly), especially that's something you do frequently? Is not enjoying activities involving alcohol the equivalence of being boring?
Backstory for my question. I recently started dating a guy who is compatible with me in almost every way--we enjoy fitness, food, reading novels and comics, video games, anime, superheroes, puzzles, and share similar values. But he drinks so much and parties almost every day and definitely every weekend. I almost feel like he has 2 very different sides. With me, he's this intelligent, nerdy, more on the shy side gentleman; with his friends, he's this outgoing social butterfly who'd try anything and drinks like a tank.
However, I generally don't go for more than 2 or 3 drinks, unless it's a special occasion and I'm with a small group of close friends. I'm avergely social, go out with him occasionally when he asked and would drink a bit more than usual to "be on his level" (sort of), but he knows I'm not a big fan of alcohol/cigarette/gambling and would usually just let me know he's going out instead of asking me to go with him. I don't mind it and it's not an issue for now.
But I couldn't help wondering if I'm being "boring" in his perspective. He parties pretty much every day and I usually just read, watch movies, workout and go out to dinners with a few close friends. I Didn't want to ask him this since I think it comes across as lacking confidence.
He's very different from the guys I usually date- introverts who are my age, book-smart and hang out with small group of nerdy friends. I was usually the "outgoing" person in the relationship. This is a new "challenge" that I'm trying to figure out. The guy I'm dating is in his mid 30s and I'm in mid 20s, if that makes any difference.
How important it is for your girlfriend to love drinking and partying? Is a girl who prefers non-alcohol involving activities boring to you?
robb65 · 56-60, M
I'm generally not a party person. The occasional get together with a handful of close friends can be fun though.

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