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How did your favorite teacher made you fall in love with a school subject?

Have you ever had a teacher who made you fall in love with a subject you previously hated? If so, how did the teacher do this? What did a teacher or professor do that made you love their subject? Who was your favorite teacher when you were in school and why were they special to you? What did a teacher do that made them become your favorite teacher? What was it that made your favorite school teacher special? Who was your favorite teacher from school? Did you ever get the chance to let him/her know? When you think of the best teacher you had in school, what subject did they teach? Who was your favorite teacher in all the years of school you had?
Has a teacher ever made you like a subject you previously were uninterested in or hated? If so, how? What is the one thing you wish you would have told your favorite teacher? What are the characteristics of a much loved teacher? What good qualities did your favorite high school teacher have? Do you remember a teacher who made very profound impact on your career? What did the lessons by the best school teacher you have ever had look like?
What are the things you admired the most about your school teacher? Was there a teacher that you dreaded to see when you were in high school? Why? Did a teacher make you hate a subject in high school? How? What is the fondest memory you have of your favorite teacher from school/college? Which teacher made a lasting impact on you? How did they influence or inspire you? What class in your years of school did you enjoy the most? Was it the teacher or the subject? What subjects did you excel at or enjoy most in high school? What were your best subjects in school and what were your worst? What subject would you say has had the most value in your life? Who is your favorite teacher that inspired you a lot with character or humanity towards your school\collage days? Do you have any sweet memories you had with your teacher? What is your least favorite subject in school and how did it affect you (it could affect you by how hard it is, etc.)? Was there a teacher in school that helped you in some way, and do you remember their name? Is there any teacher in your school life whom you never liked and why? Which high school teacher made the greatest impression on you? Is there any teacher who impressed you a lot? Why? Which subject did you teach/have you taught in a school and why did you want to become a teacher? Did you enjoy the subjects you studied at school? What’s a subject from school you still enjoy studying to this day?
Who was the best teacher in your high school who had left some indelible impressions on your life? What is a thing a teacher did for you that made you feel special?
How did your high school teacher influence you in your decision to continue pursuing college education and learn more complicated mathematics?
Have you found it difficult to sometimes work with your child’s school? Do you ever feel like a bad parent because of the way a school or teacher made you feel?
Have you ever had your feelings hurt by a teacher? What is the one offensive thing a teacher told you that hurt your feelings? Who was your most creative and influential teacher in High School? How did your most influential teacher shape your life? Was there a teacher or teachers who had a particularly strong influence on your life? What did you learn about teaching from them? Who among your former teachers have greatly influenced you to become a teacher? Why? Can you describe a time your teacher went off topic and taught you something more powerful than what you were supposed to be learning? As a teacher have you had lessons that had students so engaged that it took on a life of its own and went where you didn't expect because they wanted to learn more? Have you ever had a teacher who lacked all knowledge in the topic he/she taught? As a teacher, have you ever ended up having to teach a topic you didn’t fully understand yourself? Did you ever tell a teacher they were wrong and backed it up with evidence? As a teacher, what is one topic/lesson you wish you were allowed to teach? How would you describe the teacher you disliked the most in school? Should students check up on their teachers and make sure they’re doing okay? I get worried my teachers are stressed or struggling and that no one is checking up on them. They support me so much, it only feels right to do the same. School is starting in a few days, and I just found out that I wouldn't have a certain favourite teacher of mine for a subject. How do I get over my disappointment?

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