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Have your political opinions and views ever offended someone else?

I've been seeing a lot of "I came home from college and saw my parents watching fox news, I thought I knew them but it turns out they are biggoted and selfish and I can't change their views". Eff off with this. Learn to separate political views and a personal relationship. You will never convince everyone to share your views and you shouldn't. The idea that you can only be around people who share your views is immature and abhorrent. You are a douche. Would you become friends with someone that has different political view(s) than you? If you have, what's your friendship like with them?
Just to clarify, this question was made out of curiosity to see others experience with being friends of a different political view. I see no issue with being friends with someone who is opposite of you, I endorse the idea of doing so. It's better to see a different perspective outside of your own. An analogy for this would be if someone were to call something gay as a joke and a straight person starts laying into them because gay people could get offended by that. Just let me decide what I want to be offended by. Feel free to back me up if I make a scene but otherwise if I’m not offended then you shouldn’t try and be offended for me.
I don’t really get offended by anything and am pretty laid back so there might be some bias there and I get that these things need to be talked about but we can speak for ourselves, we don’t need people doing the talking for us. Have you ever been attacked because of your political point of view? Have you ever been physically attacked for voicing a political opinion, wearing political messages, etc.? If so, what country or area were you in? Why do you think you were attacked? Have you ever been attacked or harassed by the right wing (from any country) anywhere on this planet? Should you turn down a friend if their political views do not match or align with yours? Do you allow political beliefs to determine who your friends are? Why or why not? How do you handle people who hold different political views than you or who have conflicting political views from you? Would you be willing to be friends with someone who had different political views than you? Do you have friends with opposing political views? Has having different political views affected your relationship in any way? As someone with strong political views, did it ever occur to you that you may be on the wrong side? Have you ever changed someone's mind on a major political topic and how did you do it? Have you ever changed a deeply held opinion? If so, what caused your change of mind? Why do people debate on political things when it's obvious neither side is willing to change their minds? Do people get anything out of leaving mean-spirited comments on other people's social media? Why are people decent in real life but incredibly harsh online? What makes them act differently? (eg. social media comments) Why are people on the internet being meaner than they are in real life? Why do people say things on the internet which they wouldn't dare to say in the real world? What are your most unpopular opinions that most likely will offend a lot of people and turn a lot of people against you?

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