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How often do you inquire, check in or catch up with people's who've been there at some point in your life?

How often do you get fed up of people asking if you are okay and if you're doing alright? Why do I get grossed out by people close to me? Why do I push people away even though I want to become close with them? Why do I push people away whenever I feel myself getting close to them? Is there something wrong with me? Each time I get really close to someone, I push them away and then feel horrible about it. Why is this? Why do I feel the need to push people away when I'm starting to fall in love with them? Why do some people pull away when a relationship starts to get deeper, and how is the other person supposed to handle it? Why do guys suddenly get cold feet once the relationship starts getting serious? Especially when they reciprocate the same feelings you have. I ended a relationship because I got cold feet. I asked for a second chance, but he's shut me out of his life. He said that he wasn't mad, just disappointed. Is he actually more hurt than he's admitting? When you've succeeded in pushing away the one person who means the world to you because of your insecurity, how do you cope with the hurt that accompanies it? How do you know if someone is pushing you away and doesn't want to get near to you? How do you stop pushing away someone you love? How do you know if someone loves you or is just keeping you around until something better comes along? How can you tell if someone really loves you or just settling with you? How do you tell your partner's love for you is for real? What was strongest feelings of love for someone that you have ever experienced? What was the most loving way a man has ever treated you? How do you know if you really love someone and are not just infatuated? How do you know they really love you, too? What are some signs that show that two people are meant for each other or destined to be together forever (not just love)? How can you tell if you’re in love with someone or in love with the idea of someone? How do you actually know if you're genuinely in love with someone?
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F

I think you might have a none secure attachment style.

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