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How did you find your dream job?

How long after your career started did you land your “dream” job?
New Grad
Title. I’m currently working my first post graduation job but it is not at all what I envisioned for my career. I’m unmotivated, frustrated, and I’m working in a business that I feel no passion for. I’m currently spending my free time to build my portfolio for my ideal job but I know it’s going to take some time.
So how long did it take you in your career to land your dream job? I 31M was offered my dream job but it would have meant we relocate to a different city. My wife 29 said she is not willing to move she wants to remain close to her family because she is scared something might happen to one of them. I tried making the argument that if something happened she can fly back and be there within 3hours witch I think is not to bad she would not budge. I then declined the offer. But the more I think about it the more upset I become as this could have been life changing for us. It would have been 4 times more than what I make now. She is also stay at home so she would not need to give up her job . It would just be we would need to move . Maybe I am an ass to be mad but I feel I just gave up on my dream .
Update So my wife saw this post and we ended up talking about it. So here is what the plan is going forward I called my old Manager and said I will be taking the job . I will be traveling to and from for the beginning . She will be traveling with me after a month of me being there so she can test out the water. Her big fear is that she will be lonely there witch I do understand. Luckily one of my cousins lives and works in the same city so I called her up explaining what is going on and asked her to come and get to know my wife and make her feel welcome and maybe introduce her to some of her friends my wife did love this idea . Some said just get divorced and this is something I feel is a bit overboard as that is something that should be the last resort. Also we will not sell our place as we can afford to keep it with the new job and have somewere to stay if we travel back So on the 1st of Feb I will be starting my dream Job Tanx for everyone supporting me . Hello! I’m very curious — Do folks here (especially those more than a few years into their careers) think there’s such thing as a “dream job”?
What are the criteria for one? How did you know where to look for one, and how did you get into the field? If not, when did you find something you knew you’d be reasonably happy with?
Advice would be very much appreciated.
Some background about me — I think it’s pretty clear to me that I don’t want to stay long term at my current firm.
But I find it very hard to pull the trigger and leave. I think a large part of this is just my having no idea what I’d want to do instead. Part of me is tempted to go to law school, but I worry that it’s only because I have no idea what else to do, and afterwards I’ll be in similar position as now.
Do dream jobs even exist? How do you know when something is a good fit (before doing it)? & how do you decide to make the leap? Would be very interested in your experiences.

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