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Does your creativity increase when you write at night?

Anyone else feel way more creative at night?
I can do normal work during the day just fine, but when it comes to doing anything that requires creativity I just can’t during the day. If so, how do I deal with this? I know staying up isn’t good for me but at the same time I like late nights because I feel more inspired. Does anybody else write better at night or when they are tired?
I find that either late at night, or when I am tired during the day, I write my best work. Ideas flow out of me a lot easier than if I were to be well rested. I've heard people like Joe Rogan and other comedians mention they write best really late at night. Does anybody else find this? Why do I only get motivated to write late at night? I can't write anything decent at any other time of the day. Just seems curious. Around ten o'clock PM, I just get hit with energy and an ambition to do things, like design an excrement catapult or install high-speed internet. So... Why? Why is it that my creativity seems to drastically spike in the late hours of the night?
For example, it hits one o'clock in the morning. All of a sudden, through my sleep deprivation, I feel inspired and a million ideas start flowing through my brain. I feel like I can write a song. A novel. A TV show. and then I usually outlet it in some way and I have to say, some of my best ideas have come from my sleep deprivation.
But why is that? I find myself doing a great deal of writing in my head as I fall asleep.
I have been having these bursts of creativity as I'm going to sleep. I have so much creativity built up on the world I'm trying to create, but when I sit down I find myself getting tripped up over the excess ideas. The writing then becomes clustered and I get anxious and have to stop. Any help? Why do I always want to write in the middle of the night?
Without fail, I’ll set up to right in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and just hit an absolute wall. But as soon as it gets late and I should be in bed, my brain is all about some writing, begging me to get out of bed and type for a few hours. Why? Why is it this way? Why can’t I type during normal human hours. So frustrating. But hey, at least I’m getting some writing done! I was at a jazz gig last night. I was jet lagged. A hard bob saxophonist (Johannes and his quartet played two riveting sets at Bflat in Berlin. I drank three Manhattans. I took the tram home. I read for a bit. I fell asleep. I woke four hours later (thank you jet lag) and made myself herbal tea and decided to get four Facebook posts out of the way. So I plugged into my AirPods and listened to Jazz After Hours on Maine Public Radio (Maine Public Classical has ten hours of brilliant jazz programming every Friday from 17.00 to 03.00 East Coast America time), and started to write.
I’d had a bad, paranoiac dream prior to waking up. In fact this Franz Kafka-esque fantasia jolted me into consciousness – and I decided (as I always do when insomnia hits) that writing is the best antidote to a broken night. It’s a positive response to the unpleasantness of sleeplessness. It allows me to accomplish something amidst not wanting to be awake while the rest of the nearby world sleeps.
A doctor once told me: to combat insomnia, get out of bed, accomplish something (like reading for a half hour) and nibble on a couple of squares of chocolate to get your blood sugar up and counteract the late night crazies.
And having just written for ninety minutes I think I can now go back to sleep…

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