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How often do you go shopping on your own?

How often do you go shopping for yourself? How often do you go grocery shopping? Do you live alone or not? How much do you spend? How often do you visit shopping malls? How often do you go grocery shopping? Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, daily? Why? How well does it work for you and your budget/food waste? Does anyone else do this? I don’t know how people can plan their dinners days in advance. My cravings change everyday. One night it’ll be pasta, the next pork chops. I grocery shop every day after work for the ingredients, unless I happen to have them on hand.
I think it’s a good thing. The meals are always very fresh, I usually come home with a new spice or unexpected ingredient, and even get ideas for the next night.
I probably spend more per week on groceries than a lot of people who take the time to responsibly plan their weekly meals but I enjoy the drive to the store and the process of buying groceries. Plus money isn’t an issue. Am I weird for doing this? How often do you shop for groceries? After work before coming home. Usually Friday, and if my brothers here are like me I think I'm buying enough food to last a week and then run out Sunday night. I didn't gain weight because I bought unhealthy food at the store I gained it because I didn't want to go back to the store and ate out at gas stations and fast food the rest of the week!
Store is absolutely empty, just a few other 30 and 40something year-old men looking to get in and get out with as little fuss as possible... no kids running around, no seniors taking forever to write out a check in the checkout lane, no middle aged women blocking an entire aisle to catch up and chat with a friend.
Shopping list is usually some fruits to have around to snack on, deli meat/cheese to make lunches with, english muffins or oatmeal to have for breakfast, bread as needed, and then whatever food I need to make 2-3 dinners throughout the week (common go-tos are soups, chilis, grilled chicken or salmon + salad, or pasta). Usually about once a week. I hate crowds so I try to go on Sunday mornings (or a weekday morning if I can wangle it) or around 8:30 PM on a weeknight. Sunday mornings especially are nice if you're done and gone before the church crowd starts arriving, basically I'm sharing the whole store with maybe ten other people who aren't employees. Drawback to the later weeknights is that the deli isn't working but they usually slice and package up some ham, turkey, etc. and have it out for people who come later.
I went today. Bought stuff to grill burgers tonight, some water, soda, and snacks. $100 on the dot at the register. I tend to go about twice a week myself and the wife will also go once or twice a week. There’s certain things she gets antsy over if we are running low and certain things I do. So I don’t think I’ve ever bought laundry soap unless she texted me and said we need it. I buy toothpaste and Dove bars in bulk
This is a rough list but these are some things I usually get. For breakfast I have a bagel sandwich, with ground pork I make into patties, egg and cheese. Then I put them in a container for a week and I’m set. And I usually eat chicken so it’s just the matter of what I want to make it into. And it’s almost always with rice. I’ve made different things like orange chicken and fried rice, coconut curry, butter chicken, and I’ve gotten pork a few times to make kastudon. I buy for two weeks then cook for one week and I can refrigerate or freeze it Tips: Know what you're looking for and you'll have an easier time shopping - find out what you want, what you like and don't like and what you want to spend, etc. Nobody knows what you want better than you do, so I don't see much of an advantage in shopping with other people. It'll also make it easier to approach sales staff for help (and easier for them to help you) if you know what you're looking for.
I only shop alone. The few times I've shopped with others, they basically offered advice based on what they like to wear, even if our wardrobes are completely different. I wear business casual 95% of the time, so please stop recommending the Nike's with the awesome limited edition bright orange colorway. I’m a (20F) and my bf (20M) does not like to go shopping with me. I go shopping with him even tho it’s for him only and he takes an hour at his store but when it comes to me he complains and doesn’t want to go. He says I take forever when I take almost the same amount of time he does. I go for him and to spend time with him. How do you get your bf to go shopping with you? If your man goes shopping with you please tell me why and how. We have been together for 3 years and this always happens. I have to like force him to come with me cause I really love his company and his opinions. I hate going places alone. Idk if it’s anxiety but u can not. I can’t go alone to places. Please help lol. I don’t know what to do. I work at a grocery store so I don’t really. I pick things up as needed. I think as a household we go every two weeks or so
. My mom, aunt, and grandma that all live together go shopping for a week at a time, though occasionally make smaller shopping trips if they forgot something or need something for anything that popped up. They also do most of their shopping at Obs, only going to Rema 1000 and other stores whenever there are certain products they don't sell anywhere else, or there are special deals that are better than what Obs have.
Montly and less. Keep a checklist on the phone. Always had a high amount of dry, frozen and canned foods in the house. Many fruits and vegetables last a long time when stored correctly. Rest is frozen. (Meats, bread, vegetables, etc) Also grow my own. Cook every meal from scratch. When people went in to panic mode at the start of pandemic with shopping, I did not. Also had no need to shop at all for the two first months, and could have gone much much longer. Peace of mind :)
I am not a Norwegian, but living here for a long time. I live in small touristic place. Beside the major monopoly in the country, small places has even worse situation, especially touristic ones. When there is only one coop or spar in area, they set the prices higher then it would be elsewhere. Before we were shoping weekly in a different town, where is a better prices (kiwi, rema). But during the time we noticed we spend more, cause then you buy things you think you will need, or just because it is on a good price, and you ending up throwing unused food (afc veggies, fruits, milk or so, we've been buying in a local store every two days or so). So later we decided not to buy for a longer period, but just what we need for now, or upcoming weekend. Also woth the prices on fuel, now it would be really much more expensier to drive elswhere (nearest town 70km away, or about 50km + boat). Plus wife is pregnant now, so you know.. "oh, I want chicken for tonight.." tonight comes: "nooo, I want fish instead" 😂 So expences on a food is huge, but.. Need to live anyways.
I walk to the store, so I never get more than two bags at a time. Usually shakes out to 1-2 trips a week. It’s also really convenient for me to pop in and grab a few things whenever I need an ingredient. Things are obviously different now, but I’m making much larger trips because I’m not going out to restaurants. All my meals are prepared at home.
I'm in a city and would go every couple, three days, though if you count every store might be more, because there's not just one grocery store, there's the market that's better at this, the one that has better that, the bakery, the place with the cheese....
I do about a weekly trip or so, rotating between different stores depending on my needs. I get most of my produce, grains, beans, flours, canned goods, and other staples at the international supermarket, where things are very inexpensive. Frozen vegetables I stock up on at Trader Joe's, where the quality is very high and cost pretty low on those items. I'll get occasional specialty items (unusual kinds of things for baking, that sort of thing) at fancy grocery stores in town. I grow some herbs on my kitchen windowsill, and would like to expand to more varieties in the spring. I'm very lucky to have a south facing apartment, even if I don't have a balcony or any land.
I usually go for the bulk of my shopping once a week, either Saturday or Sunday depending on when I have free and then I may go again on Tuesday or Wedneday evening depending on whether I need more food or not. My weekday breakfast is pretty standard and doesn't change other than the combination of fruit. Dinner tends to be roasted vegetables (starchy and non starchy) and a piece of meat or fish. The midweek trip tends to be because I've either run out of eggs or meat/fish. Lunch varies and this is normally what I try to prepare in a large batch on the wekend. I also make great use of those 2 cup zip lock containers and freeze a lot of food into meal sized portions so some meals, I'm actually eating out of my freezer. Once you have enough little containers, there's quite a variety!
I try to go to Lidl once a week and just buy fresh stuff when needed, so we reduce food wasting, but since the household is carless is takes time. Plus, most of the stuff we eat (because of food allergies) has a better offer in bigger, more expensive places.
I prefer roughly every three days. That way I always have fresh produce, as it doesn't sit in my house for a week, and forgetting something is not a big deal. It also takes less time. Rather than spending 30 or 40 minutes hunting down everything I will need for the week, I spend ten minutes or less gathering everything needed for the next two days. It also allows me to do all of my shopping on my bicycle without the need for huge panniers.
I’d say every other day. I usually just run errands on my way home from work, and small loads make more sense for various reasons: I don’t have a vehicle so I don’t like to buy more than I can comfortably carry 5-10 blocks home. I have a tendency to overeat so I only buy what I need for one day, unless there’s a storm or other inconvenience on the horizon when I’d need to stock up. Also, needing one or two items gives me a reason to run other errands that I might otherwise put off because of procrastination/etc.
I go about once every week or week and a half. I have a forgetful streak but I never forget stuff I need to get at the grocery because I keep a shopping list on my phone and on a magnetic board on my fridge. I just add wtv item I need to buy at the next grocery run immediately on it whenever I realize or remember it. And before each grocery run, I transcribe it down to a physical paper list that I can bring to the grocery store.
I usually pick up 1 or 2 things every two days. Not cause I need to, but been bored as hell ever since covid happened and everything became work from home. Only place open late enough near me is the local walmart. Everything else likes to close around 6pm. Walmart stays open till midnight. So I just go to walk around and pick up stuff on the discount rack.
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I generally grocery shop on the weekend and cook enough to have leftovers through the week. Just my son and I, and leftovers work better as he works 2nd shift and I don't have time to cook weekdays. Grocery tab is around $100-$125 week.

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All the time if I need it done, I gotta do it
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
I am married and I do all the shopping. I go a few times a week. I will actually go today.

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