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Have you ever spooked someone by unintentionally following them?

Have you ever been going from A to B and someone else in front of you is also coincidentally going from A to B? You can tell that they think you may be following them based on how they’ll look over their shoulder or change their walking pattern or behavior in some way. Same with driving where you end up making several of the same turns by chance and you get self conscious that maybe the car in front could think you’re following them?
As a guy, I can be pretty self-conscious when this happens and the other person is a woman, do women ever feel this way too? I was behind a pick-up truck one time, and I was singing really loud and waving my arms about to the song on the radio. A half block later, I turned 8nto a strip mall (behind him, which I didn’t notice) and he came up to my car, knocked on my window, and yelled at me: “Why are you yelling at and following me???” I was completely gobsmacked, explained what happened, we both laughed, then both went into the tattoo shop. He then said, “Geez, lady, if I’d known you were getting inked I wouldn’t have dared yell at you!”
I felt very bad-ass that day. Yes, in my city there are only two ways to get to my house so we often follow each other home for long distances, which can be creepy if you dont recognize the vehicle. Actually, yes. I was walking, making the same general path as someone else. They asked why I was following them, said I wasn’t, we just happened to be going towards the same place. They told me to quit it. I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to be going to a different place when I’m almost already there. We entered same establishment. They confronted me, demanding to know what I plan on doing there. I answered by walking away. As a result they were now following me. I opted not to confront. It’s going to happen. No, but the reverse happened once. I was following someone on a rainy night and somehow I got behind another car and followed that car all the way through to the back of a big office building. I realized what I’d done and sped away. It could have ended badly but didn’t. I was in an unfamiliar city on a dark rainy miserable night in the 1970’s and being unsure of my route I asked a passing stranger for directions. I tried to follow his instructions but I became hopelessly lost and had to ask another stranger for directions. It turned out to be the same man I had spoken with earlier. He did give me a rather odd and the funniest look. I try not to do this. Don’t want people thinking I’m weird. Hell if I see an attractive woman on the street or in a store I’ll look another direction and act like I’m lost or distracted. No point making people uncomfortable.

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