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How do you usually spend your days?

How do you enjoy spending your time?
General Discussion
At the risk of sounding incredibly sad (lol), I typically work from home and have had some free time/days off recently and I've been pretty bored. Today, for example, I woke up later, stayed in bed and took my time going about my normal routine.
I'm planning on going to a boxing class later today but that's just an hour. Frequently, we talk about wanting more time to do things and for those of us who wfh, we get some time back with no commute, maybe we can do chores during the day (doing laundry in the background, etc). Given that I'm very fortunate to have more time these days, I can't remember what I wanted it so badly for lol. I have a dog who I've taken for a (chilly, so brief) walk. I've been watching TV all morning and ate leftovers for lunch so no need to cook... I finished a book recently so I could start another but...
I dunno, I like to read the money diaries not only to see how people spend their money but also a glimpse into what other people are up to. What do you all look forward to doing on your days off/given a few more hours a day, what would you spend it doing? How do you usually spend your Friday/Saturday nights? Or if you work weekends, your off night? How do you spend days when you’re bored and off work? What is the most productive way to spend your free time and why? [Serious]
serious replies only
What activities lead to the greatest growth? When do you feel you are improving as a person? If it is unique, what details can you provide about the activity/tips for getting started/advancing? Why do you think this activity is especially beneficial? How much time in the day do you spend actually working?
Speaking on average, of course. I know that some weeks are busier than others:
I feel like I really only spend maybe 4 hours a day doing actual work. Come the afternoon I have no energy left to achieve anything and tend to do non work leisure activities and push tasks to the tomorrow pile. I always get the work done, and if the work starts to pile up I'll spend a bit more time focusing on tasks.
I guess I'm just curious if I should ignore the things that annoy me about this job because I have a cushy position, or if its normal to really only spend about half the day doing work. What are your favorite "day off" activities that cost little to no money?
In what ways can you manage to have fun experiences and live a full life while maintaining a full wallet? How do you spend your weekend? What do you look forward to doing?
Hi everyone. I have nothing to do on my weekend. I honestly prefer weekdays because I get to work. Last weekend was spent watching only random Youtube videos. What does everyone else do? I work full time like 3 days of 12 hr shift and the rest off, I am now getting bored with netflix and anime, I am even getting bored playing video games, I have a hard time concentrating with reading a book. i would like to avoid hanging out with my friends as they just want to do shopping or eating out. My bf just want to smoke and chill in bed but I am not enjoying it anymore. I want to walk in the park but sometimes i tend to get this anxious feeling around people.
I for one don't believe in talent. It's just how much time you spend on something. Some people require less time than others, but they still take years to master it. If you keep doing something, you will get better at it. Even if you fail a thousand times, you will still make progress. Nobody was born with a guitar in their hand, nobody was born with a piano. In a day you have 24 hours. 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work and 8 hours your own. It's what you decide to do in this 8 hours that will make you who you are. If you can't afford for example 2 hrs a day to go the gym but you can afford to watch a TV show for 2 hrs daily, then you will become better at watching TV shows. If you spend all your time in reddit everyday, you will get better at it. You will know more things than people new to this site. You might not notice it, but you became an expert redditor, not because you like it, not because you are good at it but because a big chunk of your time is dedicated to it.
One of the things in our societies and colleges that I don't agree on is that we are afraid of failure. We only want the correct answer, we want perfection. So either do it right or not do it at all. I don't agree with that. You are not the same person you where 5 years ago and if you saw that person you will probably punch him in the face. Colleges for example measure your average GPA during your 4 year degree, but what they don't realise is that you at your 4th year is not the same person that is in your 1st year. You change, slowly but you change. My grades in first year college was all C's and D's, on my last year my grades was all A's and A-. If you measure the average I would be a B or C student, but the reality is I am an A student. Because I am what I left college as and not what I entered as.
I like to think of life as an RTS game. You have limited time, energy and money. It's what you dedicate your resources on that defines you. Everybody spends their time/energy/money on something. And by this I think everyone is an expert on something. Maybe not the same thing as you, but everyone is good at something. A person who watches movies all day will have expert movie knowledge. And a person who goes out everyday will have expert social skills. You are what you spend your time on. Usually, before my change, I'd waste the entire day playing videogames or watching anime/tv shows, but I have gave up on those on my desire to become an overall better person. However, now I find myself wasting mindless hours on the internet because "well, i got nothin else to do".While I no longer have a problem with excessive internet use on the weekdays, I do on the weekends. Basically I'm looking for something to do in my free time that is not completly useless. What do you guys advice? What do you do in your free time?
How do you spend your weekday evenings?
Me and the missus are getting bored of the same old watching TV with dinner and whatnot. How do you break up the monotony of weekday evenings?
Ok, this probably won't apply to you, but my days off changed after having kids. Now I have a 3 year old who doesn't give me (hardly) any time to myself. That's ok though because I love spending time with her. My days of sleeping in are long gone and I can barely finish a TV episode much less finish a video game.
Today, I get my enjoyment from watching her smile as she holds on to a swing. Or, listen to her laugh as I make funny faces while singing her a kids song. Or, watch her stare intently at a book that I'm reading. Or, see her run through a park without a care in the world. She makes living life more enriching than I could have possibly imagined. I look forward to every day off more than I ever had before kids. Still got a chunk of cash (getting smaller all the time) so I've been buying inexpensive nice clothes from primark in the style that people in the industry I want to get into wear. Writing crib sheets with common questions and my answers (to prevent me going umm, ahh, etc during my telephone interview tomorrow) and have been working on the skills required to the job so I can prove I got the skills come face to face interview time.
Unfortunately I'm stuck at home all day, and I can't even drive anywhere to find a way to relieve boredom. I've been unemployed for a long time so that plus other factors have really hindered my job search, though I'm getting back in the swing of things as of late.
I usually go to a coffee shop or library so I stay focused and am not tempted to lie down in bed. Aside from job hunting, I'm taking 2 courses on Coursera which I plan to add to my resume once I receive the certificates of completion. Other than that, I try to do some kind of exercise at least 4 times per week to get away from the computer screen and take my mind off the whole ordeal. Oh... and reddit. Between these things I usually fill up most of my time. I am new to my area so unfortunately I don't have a social life to get support from.

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