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How did you own up to your wrongdoings?

How do you deal with owning up to your mistakes? How do you deal with the fact that you maybe weren’t a good person? This is something that just clicked with me recently. I generally play support and DPS, aka the roles that are the easiest to blame for a loss. How many times have you heard the blanket statement of "we don't have enough healing/damage"? Recently I have made a point to immediately take my part of the blame whenever the blame game starts up and I have noticed something kind of amazing. The whole toxic situation dissipates much faster.
There are very few situations in Overwatch where a single person is responsible for a loss in a game/fight. Its not impossible, but its definitely rare. That being said... thats not what a lot of people think or want to hear. Lets say you have a crushing team fight loss. You used a bunch of ults, had a good engagement, you shouldn't have lost. If you noticed some sort of mistake you made in that fight being upfront about it will help immensely. If you missed a few ana shots on your ulting genji and he died just say it. "yeah, I missed a shot or two on you when you were being focused. thats my bad". Thats all it takes. Even if its a small mistake simply having a polite voice in chat who is willing to take any amount of blame will do wonders for the moral of the team.
Even if the whole team blames you and your tiny insignificant mistake for the loss, it doesn't matter. As long as you are being the bigger person in a polite way it will go a long way toward lowering the toxicity. Simply having somebody in the game who is willing to say "hey guys I kind of fucked up a little but its all good, lets regroup." goes a looooonnngggg way toward changing the general attitude of a team. Because of how my father treated me as a kid I get very fearful of disappointing people when I make mistakes but I’m learning to accept I don’t know everything and to calm down when I get frustrated when I don’t understand things.

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