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My finger hurtsssss

Curiousguy83326-30, M
Hahaha I was about to make another comment but then I saw that it says 16-17...馃毀
Tinkerhell36-40, F
hahaha, thank goodness. I felt so bad...
Curiousguy83326-30, M
@Tinkerhell: haha
Dolimyte41-45, M
punch yourself in the face. Youll forget about the finger
Charlemagne4522-25, M
My condolences to your finger
call 911!! 馃槀
Sazzio31-35, M
Did you smash it during P.E. like basketball? Thas painful!
Sazzio31-35, M
@Charlotte1: 1.5 weeks for your mid finger to get better then on yer right hand.
Charlotte122-25, F
Ring finger :P
Sazzio31-35, M
@Charlotte1: Yes I forgot when it happened to me, which finger. Was d ring. Ball comes to u so it seems ok to just put out yer hand in a frantic to get it. I did it twice during pe.
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KingofPizza236-40, M
That Charlie is at it again huh?
Goralski51-55, M
I better shut up
Charlotte122-25, F
Booyeah41-45, M
Cold pack.
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