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The real reason why the Rockefeller's, the Fabian Society, and other globalists are so avid in promoting feminism is because they wanted women

integrated into the production process to become a cog in a machine, an equal slave if you will. It was created to destabilize society and tax women. They also needed a way to destroy the family dynamic, because once the family unit is destroyed, people have nothing to fall back on as society collapses. The principal goal of the unholy neo-feminist agenda is to Androgynize the sexes; to feminize men and masculinize women, to blend the two so that there is an indistinguishable aspect when it comes to the sexes. They want Androgyny (The androgynous image of Baphomet).

What this does is it weakens the masculine instinct in men, and it makes them into the inauthentic man, the corporate man; he is turned into a coward like most men are becoming in this generation. And it makes women more masculinized and more wed to the state, the idea of domination having to be present, having to have a part in our lives and the acceptance of big government. It is, at its core, an epieugenics operation, it is a way of culling the human population by getting people to war between the sexes. A lot of this feminism was ushered into our society directly by the frankfurt school; part of Gramscis plan of the long march through the cultural institutions, creeping and incremental socialism.

Misguided and mentally ill women can try all they want to be like men, but they can never kill the divine feminine spirit, and deep down they know it. No amount of state enforced “equality” will get rid of the innate desire for a masculine counterpart, and the true differences that exist between the sexes. The masculine and feminine polarity is present everywhere in nature. You cannot rebel against the natural laws which bind us in this dimension. It’s more profitable for them to destroy the natural femininity to send the female population into madness, so they can fill the void in their hearts with pathetic vices like drugs, alcohol and shopping for nonsensical items that capitalists tell us we need. The sacred masculine and feminine compliment and support each other. The true female cannot possibly reach her full potential without the yin to her yang. She does not try to overpower, dominate or compete with the masculine, (the root of their misery) for there is no need to when you realize the need for this balance.
eMortal · M
No. Women are humans like men you know. But for some fucked reasons the whole planet thought women had no place in this world except being a man’s aid. No need for professional training, no need for advanced education, no need for meaningful conversation, in short, be nothing if there no man by her side.
Things are changing thought but we’re not cured from disease.
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
You need to seek some therapy, man. And broaden your education.

There is a ton of matriarchy in nature. From female dominant to female straight up consumes the male after breeding.
Asificair · M
Just a general thought. Do you ever leave your hole in the ground? It's a sincere question. All these plots and conspiracies you post about how do risk getting food, leaving what must be a super secret place where you live and hide. How do you function at all? Surely these super powerful entities are on to you and wont appreciate you exposing the "truth" like this. I mean these guys own the VPN providers inside and out. The internet really isnt safe. I'd go back to street flyers if I were you, watch out for the blacked out minivans tho eh. 🙂
How history is written, gives a hint of how the future will look like. But to crack the codes, few do that.
theAlchemist · 56-60, M
I'm hearing the podcasts of Mark Passio in this.......

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