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ngl I find hilarious af when people from third world countries be like

"I'm glad, I'm not american." Shut the fuck up, we all know you are salty because your visa application got rejected.
lorelei Best Comment
i find it hilarious when minorities defend the country that doesn't give a fuck about them...

mr lopez.
[@1164579,RocktheHouse] That is somewhat true but it is primarily because MOST americans have a tendency to live well above their means. That includes me, i have a decent job but i tend to spend more on silly unnecessary things than i can truly afford.
RocktheHouse · 36-40, M
[@475347,istillhaveanameitsrick] Paradoxical, living outside our means and purchasing unnecessary items is the driving force behind the American economy. Big corporations will be around for a long time if Americans continue to do two things: buy unnecessary items and work their butts off to pay for them.
[@1164579,RocktheHouse] Worst thing humanity ever created for humans was the idea of credit. It was created by business to create more business but the truth is the only people we have to blame is ourselves because nobody forced us to use that credit.

Elessar · 26-30, M
Define "third world". Because to the average American who never walked a step out of their beloved country, even f*cking Europe is the 3rd world lmao
Kingfish1 · 31-35, M
[@44863,Elessar] You speak for the average American?
Elessar · 26-30, M
[@1219772,Kingfish1] Nah, the majority of Americans I interact with are cool tbh, there's just a (rather loud) subset that have let's say a distorted view on what's the situation of the rest of the world (and I'd say, of their own country), and I was referring to the average member of that subset.
Kingfish1 · 31-35, M
[@44863,Elessar] Sounds reasonable.
You do realise I hope that not everyone in the world wants to live in the USA 🇺🇸😂🦅
Nanori · 26-30, F
I'm glad I'm not in America

But srsly I don't see any difference between people from 1st world and 3rd world countries, they're all wasting their time and whining about life all the same
mrlopez · 26-30, M
[@934648,Nanori] please here you can be who you truly are and not worry about the Islamic extremists
Nanori · 26-30, F
[@1161949,mrlopez] excuse me but some people still choose to be obnoxious losers, besides we've had less explosions compared to 1st world countries
Stark ·
I immediately knew this was your post after reading “ngl and third world countries”
deadgerbil · 22-25, M
That's true lol there's a spectrum that ranges from those people who hate too much on the US to those who get patriotic hard ons and foam at the mouth when the US gets rightly criticized
Helloeveryone · 56-60, F
Bad people call decent people 3rd world its not just different cultures
mrlopez · 26-30, M
[@1211595,Helloeveryone] third world means a developing nation characterized by a population with low and middle incomes, and other socio-economic indicators.
Helloeveryone · 56-60, F
People need to be more considerate of each other
RocktheHouse · 36-40, M
Cuba is considered a third world country. Yet every person in Cuba has access to healthcare. That's not the case in the US where healthcare accounts for 25% of the GDP and people are having to live on Ramen Noodles just to be able to afford their medications.
mrlopez · 26-30, M
[@1164579,RocktheHouse] Cuba is actually a second world country
RocktheHouse · 36-40, M
[@1161949,mrlopez] True, if you're speaking in political terms.... In terms of it's economy, Cuba is still a developing country. If you look at the GDP of Cuba, it's about the same as third world South Africa.
DeluxedEdition · 22-25, F
straight to fucking hell🤣
TurtlePink · 22-25, F
Don’t come for us 🤣🤣
Helloeveryone · 56-60, F
All cultures must unite and get along
SimplyAPerson · 18-21, F
You’re bad even at trolling

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