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Do you try to make it a rule to study French or whatever language you're learning and devoting your free time towards improving a language?

How many hours a day do you devote to language study? And, I guess, as a follow up, how many languages do you actively study? How many hours a day do you study your target language(s) and what resources do you use?
I think it would be interesting to see how much time a day people study, and which resources they are using in their specific target language/languages. Maybe somebody will find some new resources and motivation based on other people's responses. How many hours in a week do you spend learning languages? How long does it take to learn a language, really? If you were really devoted, could it be short?
I understand that languages take a long time to learn (and difficulty changes on many factors). I've ready you should measure your time learning in hours, not days. I've seen that French, for example, takes an English speaker 575-600 class hours? Would it follow that if one practiced for 10 hours a day, once could reach this fluency in 60 days? If you had 8 or so hours of language learning a day, how would you tackle it? I got a new job on a night shift, it's quiet other than the odd jobs which are few and far. It's 12 hour shifts so I plan to utilize the new found procrastination. I've been learning on and off Italian, Russian and Chinese with Czech kinda, I live in Prague so it's out of necessity. I'm wondering, what would you do if you could learn this much a day? Crack on one language at once or small lessons of a language each? Self-taught French speakers, how long did it take until you could pick up the gist of most conversations?
And how frequently were you studying since "one month" sounds pretty short, but if you were living in France, studying all the time, it's not very relevant to me (an American who practices in his free time). If you teach yourself, how much time a day do you put aside for studying? I need a schedule or something. I know everyone is different but I lack the discipline and need some idea on how much time I should be studying every week/day. My language is French. In your experience, how many hours a day can you practice learning your language without experiencing diminishing returns?
DDonde · 31-35, M Best Comment
I'm not as rigorous with it as I'd like to be, but I often use my commute time on the way home for it. Just to keep the wheels turning in my head so to speak. I do anki/flashcards sometimes during my break when I'm not talking with Ginny and on my offdays.
Basically, how much time I devote is essentially random (sometimes none, sometimes hours) and how much I feel like doing. I guess the key is to keep doing it regardless. I do think sticking with 1 or 2 until you've mastered those makes more sense though. I don't really have the answers to doing it right, it's just how I do it.

helenS · 31-35, F
Studying a language, to me, means watching TV shows in that language. For example I found that my French had become a bit rusty, so I watched "La Forêt", a French TV show.
My plan was to devote 30min a day for language improvement (through listening to podcasts, learning new grammar stuff) + try to watch movies in that language every now and then, buuut I couldn't stick to it. ''Life got in the way'' but I really only have myself to blame for it. I'll try to start over
MotherHubbard · 56-60, F
Not anymore! France for the French! Travel is mere luxury-. You can't really immigrate anywhere, so I do not bother learning. The lockdown isn't ending in my lifetime! Au revoir Paris. Je ne veus pas bruller avec vous.
ArtieKat · 61-69, M
There's plenty of people on here from all around the world whom I'm sure would be happy chat in their mother-tongue. It's a great way to improve your vocabulary.

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