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Whats your favorite strip game?

I love strip monopoly. I'm not very good at poker so I usually lose my clothes pretty fast when I play strip poker
JRVanguard26-30, M
How... how does strip monopoly work?
Do you just take all your clothes off if you lose?馃
I though the fun in strip games was gradually losing the clothes
@adorbz I know. He tries so hard. It鈥檚 cute. It鈥檚 like my Kid brother or something... trying to hang.
JRVanguard26-30, M
@DarkHeaven This is on my comment馃槱馃槀
adorbz26-30, F
@Yulianna it鈥檚 disappeared until I can find motivation again or until I can find someone to finish it for me 馃憖 I鈥檓 sorry. It鈥檚 my dumb fault for committing to something I wasn鈥檛 100% happy with 馃槄
Straylight31-35, F
shannp31-35, FVIP
am I invited? @DarkHeaven @Straylight
@shannp Sure. Girls only Slumber party. Clothing optional.

@Straylight you lose clothes after every fall? Or you have to strip as you're still playing the game?
Amethystjazmine1331-35, F
I鈥檓 pretty fond of strip Beer pong
Lostlostlost51-55, M
@Amethystjazmine13 my type of woman
Yulianna22-25, F
landing strip...
chuck788261-69, M
@Tiredish that's a fun one
In鈥檛 that the point. lol
@DarkHeaven my question as well! Lol
shannp31-35, FVIP
@DarkHeaven I prefer to watch the others lose theirs. I'm very competitive and I hate to lose at anything. lol
@shannp but losing is kinda winning, innit?
tornado5856-60, M
how does that work?
tornado5856-60, M
@shannp sure you do
shannp31-35, FVIP
@tornado58 once we're all naked, we pair off and do what comes naturally ;)
tornado5856-60, M
@shannp of course.how silly of me to not know that
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Dv8rs18-21, F
Strip tease is my favorite strip game.
shannp31-35, FVIP
@Dv8rs boom chicka boom boom boom
Maritocorneo56-60, M
How about spin the bottle?
I have also done strip battleship (but it only works for 2 people)
There is a drinking game called 'Up and Down the River" We would play as drinking game until everybody was tipsy and then turn it into a strip game.
YescaLillian22-25, F
When you drive in a car and run a yellow light last one to touch the roof strips.
Don鈥檛 know the name but it鈥檚 great when the loser has to run into the house we arrive at in their birthday suit 馃槀
I鈥檝e only tried this once. Our rule was once you lost your clothes they stayed off until someone won. This took a while so some people were naked for a long time.
hippyjoe195561-69, M
Around my party circle it is clothed poker. We all start out nude and the loser winds up fully dressed.
Dv8rs18-21, F
@hippyjoe1955 That's funny, cut to the chase.
chuck788261-69, M
Strip trivial pursuit. Answer a question wrong, lose an article of clothing
MasterDvdC61-69, M
@chuck7882 In the version I use everyone starts with exactly 7 articles of clothing. When someone wins a pie piece they can choose someone and make them remove 1 article of clothing. The only exception is you can only loose your last article by someone winning the game.
I鈥檝e played strip monopoly. It鈥檚 actually just funny as it is fun. Also strip never have I ever.
AdaXI41-45, T
Nah only ever played Twister naked... Ok ok, I'll go get the video camera, lolz.
Lackwittyname51-55, M
Strip monopoly must take hours to lose a single sock
YescaLillian22-25, F
What other strip games have you played?
Ashleighrox26-30, F
Strip flip cup or rage cage. Always fun at parties
Don't mess with me on strip poker!
Strip ice fishing
shannp31-35, FVIP
@alongalone 馃ザ
losthorizons51-55, M
Drinking strip games
Various card games.
Shayshy9626-30, F
馃槀馃槀 need to know the rules of that game
shannp31-35, FVIP
@Shayshy96 watch the original Friday the 13th movie. There's a classic scene where they are playing strip monopoly
Shayshy9626-30, F
Oh really I鈥檓 not big into scary movie might have to find a cuddle buddy for that @shannp
Ashleighrox26-30, F
@shannp lol imagine if paying rent was the same way as how they paid instead of money 馃槀
jackjjackson61-69, M
Lostinthe80s36-40, M
Londonn36-40, M
strip games are too direct I prefer something like Cards Against Humanity, they basically beat around the bush and never get to the point so it is a pleasure delaying which is sexual tension
Flipper11151-55, M
You use clothing as houses and hotels?

Or as the deeds for properties?

Remove a piece of clothing when you roll a double?

Trying to imagine....
Strip Battleship, its online, and I don't mind losing either.馃槡
@Flipper111 type in 'bstrp exposed' in your search engine and it will show up. Let me know if you want to play, we can play each other馃槵
Flipper11151-55, M
@SW-User thanks.
I think it would be more enjoyable vs a female ;)
@Flipper111 OK, I understand, I agree but its just enjoyable to be stripped and vulnerable, male or female.
MasterDvdC61-69, M
One of my family's favorite games is called [i]Ticket To Ride.[/i] I have an idea on how to change it into a strip version.
miklyn8636-40, M
I hate Monopoly because I can never win so I would be the naked one verses every (fully clothed) one else!!
NatureGuy7751-55, M
Spin the bottle , had to take a piece of clothing off if the bottle pointed to you. Or Naked Twister
Lostlostlost51-55, M
In that case, let鈥檚 play strip poker!
Only one rule change, everyone ends w naked.
Piccolo and Unstoppable Unicorns NSFW has rules for playing it strip style.
I would love to play strip monopoly with you, I make sure I lose too. x
NatureGuy7751-55, M
Never heard of strip monopoly. Have you played naked twister?
ncgremlin56-60, M
I like strip poker and naughty truth and dare
bikelover51-55, M
Strip darts, but be careful lol
PeterJ51-55, M
I like naked twister myself
ChilledStone26-30, F
Past playing them now LOL
Strip twister
MasterDvdC61-69, M
@Justgreg I wish I had been able to try that when I was younger
dsrice56-60, M
Can we play sometime?
Sounds like fun!!!

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