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How many kids have to commit suicide or be murdered before America will step up to the plate, and provide mental heath care at schools?

99% of these shootings and suicides could be stopped if Americans mental health care was better. Also schools should offer it 🤷‍♂️
Artasia · 22-25, F
I have to add something here. I'm 20 and it wasn't that long ago I attended high school. Throughout middle school I was cutting myself. Razor blades, razors, whatever I could find. I told a friend about it who told a counselor and I was required by the school to attend mandatory therapy with a licensed professional. I went. They put my family and I in a family therapy which my mother and I attended one time and never went again.

Throughout high school I wanted to kill myself, continued self harm for quite a while. I did not feel comfortable talking to the school counselor who's door was always open. My parents found out I was still cutting, my father threatened to strip search me if I couldnt be trusted to not harm myself.

I do not believe the issue is mainly with schools not offering help but with kids not seeking help or parents ignoring or remaining oblivious to their child's problems. Thinking they'll grow out of it or they'll figure it out. Or getting angry, like my parents did. The signs show, look for them and help your child.

Schools could be better about helping the students but they go to school to learn and honestly they do offer help. Where are the parents taking responsibility? I never met a kid who was suicidal actually getting the help they needed. Instead, they may have gone to the counselor. Spending valuable class time in a counselor's office to chat, hang out, or actually discuss their issues.
william3 · 41-45, M
To be honest, I agree with you, but how do you define mental health? We used to have a foundation in USA, it was our founding, and it was built on Christian beliefs and values. We used to believe in a God that created us and put us on this perfect earth for us to use and enjoy and live out our lives. But kids these days are taught that they have no hope. They will die from Global Warming. When I was a kid it was called the Beginning of an Ice Age because it snowed in Florida twice in one year. I thought I was going to be frozen to death, and it scared me for about 6 months and then I forgot about it. But kids these days are taught that the world will end if something is not done and they believe it because they get indoctrinated into it almost every day. What happens to a teenager that had been taught there is no hope for the future and that humans are the cause. Kill the humans!! It will fix everything, just like killing the Christians will fix Islam. Scaring and killing is not the answer, trust in God and Jesus is the only way.
Soramarie · 26-30, F
but it also says we are flawed and that he was unhappy with some city’s for the way they built
william3 · 41-45, M
[@924588,Soramarie] You can say that, but my Bible says that God created everything perfect, the earth, the animals, and the humans. It is humanity that made itself imperfect, but that does not make the rest of creation perfect. I know the end of the book, and the world does not end by Climate Change. God flooded the earth once and gave us the rainbow as a promise He would never do it again.
Soramarie · 26-30, F
yes he did but we still screw up. Which is why he has to come again. We don’t know all the answers or all the ways we mess things up.
This message was deleted.
Soramarie · 26-30, F
[children are born it’s not their fault. Bad parents exist, so someone needs to help raise them. I’m a firm believer in it takes a village @MarmeeMarch]
[@924588,Soramarie] have fun -
Soramarie · 26-30, F
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] thanks for the civil debate though. Lots of people fly off the handles
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
Mental health education is pitiful in the US. Pitiful. The average person knows fuck-all about most things regarding OCD, ADHD, suicidal ideation, etc. and we are the worse for it.
sunsporter1649 · 70-79, M
99% of these suicides and shootings could be stopped if the goddamndemocrats would quit telling the kids the world is about to end and it is the kids fault
SW User
Is this a new thing in the states? A lot more kids have mental issues and commit suicide today then in the 60’s or was it always a problem? If it’s recent,there must be a cause
Soramarie · 26-30, F
[@398685,Marcipan] the cause is the rise in social media bullying
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
As many as there are mass shootings of them? 😕

Two separate and unrelated issues really.

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