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Does nobody else find it creepy and weird that some women in the US call their partners Daddy?

I see it in chat shows and films. Is it really that common? And if so, wtf?
LucyFuhr · 51-55, F
Is it any weirder than calling your significant other "baby"? Neither are really appropriate when you consider their true meaning but they're just silly terms of endearment.
LondonCowboy · 46-50, M
Very True !! 🌹[@8345,LucyFuhr]
Nanori · 26-30, F
it's only a sexual preferences, not a big deal
Kwek00 · 36-40, M
I know british people that do it too.
How do I know? People talk when drunk... sometimes, they talk to much. 😔
[@421865,Kwek00] Oh okay. I’ve never notice that but who knows.
Kwek00 · 36-40, M
[@981722,Morvoren] 😖 Some stuff can't be unheard
[@421865,Kwek00] sadly true
Ewww....just ewwww
SW User
Just wondering. Seems most of the women here aren’t Into it [@372543,Vivaci]
[@1025006,TheAcidKing666] Yeah, coz it reminds them of their Dad.
SW User
Ah you’re one of those huh?doesnt surprise me there’s a lot of close minded people here [@372543,Vivaci]
Red500 · 41-45, M
i find it creepy when grown women call their real fathers daddy
GhostPoncho · 46-50, M
It started as a Latina thing (aye Papi) then worked its way to white girls wanting to sound cool.
SolveEtCoagula · 31-35, F
[@903658,BelovedTed] Did daddy Dom/little in the BDSM world derive from Latino relationships? I was just curious.
GhostPoncho · 46-50, M
Not sure, but a good question! Maybe from the same impulse. [@394395,satanburger]
SW User
Not creepy at all. As someone who enjoys training women into submission it’s a gift and a real treat to be called daddy.
[@542305,Miram] Which fuckhead? Acidking?
Miram · 26-30, F

Yes. He defended someone who admitted to raping women.
Ferrari21 · 31-35, M
😂😂😂 “Mr. Pornhub” [@981722,Morvoren]
TerriG · 22-25, F
I think it's hot
TerriG · 22-25, F
[@741884,LondonCowboy] I'm a good Daddys girl
Pfuzylogic · M
That has been going on for 25 years.
I remember it started with Robin Williams.
Here is the classic performance from the mid 90s.
Warning this is adult rated.
Pfuzylogic · M
[@981722,Morvoren] 😉 It was a major hit with the high school students!
Viper · M
[@3118,Pfuzylogic] probably even longer than that, that might of when it first hit main stream.
Pfuzylogic · M
[@800884,Viper] It was at the very start of Yahoo and Google..
SatyrService · 100+, M
comes from more than one source.
fetish, the one you might be assuming is only a part of it.. that
"I want My Father " kind of psych.

in American [i]isolated[/i] Black culture, it has been an ordinary term of endearment. not necessarily any of that daddy daughter stuff.

In American Latin culture, "Papi" is similar.

I think the surge in fetish interest is across the board. SOooo many think they need to "Try all the things" when much of the rigen of a fet life, is something that makes the persons,, Non-standartd some moment that changd them.

not everyone needs to DO that
It’s not just the USA. Fetish groups are international.

The whole daddy thing is also in your country as well.
Sueisright · 26-30, F
Their American so what do you expect,since they can’t speak English
Sueisright · 26-30, F
Lol like the mistake [@380168,2cool4school]
2cool4school · 41-45, F
[quote]] Their American so what do you expect,since they can’t speak English[/quote] [@39346,Sueisright]
2cool4school · 41-45, F
[@39346,Sueisright] your mistake ?? You like it ??
SuperScooter · 26-30, M
Your UK dudes call their girls birds.. isn't that more creepy then?
DrWatson · 61-69, M
[@910193,SuperScooter] "Bird" comes from "virda" which comes from virga which is the Latin word for young maiden. We get "virgin" from it. (If you have taken Spanish, you know how the b and v can be interchangeable in terms of their sounds, and this occurred a lot in derivations from Latin.)

Edit: I should give a nod to [@39346,Sueisright] and point out a step I forgot, the word burde.
Sueisright · 26-30, F
[@910193,SuperScooter] thick comes in many forms but you get this weeks award
SuperScooter · 26-30, M
[@39346,Sueisright] stop acting like you can walk all over me!
I look like a human doormat to you?!
It seems to be repeated enough to remark upon, yes, but whether or not this is an attempt to appeal to a certain porn-watching demographic or not, I don't know.

It would be interesting if this "does more" for the speaker (F) or the spoken to/of (M)...

It might also simply play into the younger woman/older guy dynamic.
It's a submissive thing I think
Everything about the US is weird
revenant · F
very strange indeed
Wedgy · 26-30, F
Same, it just so gross
2cool4school · 41-45, F
To me it’s a dynamic I do not want with my partner.
Not hot!! Partner=/=anything about family members.
Even first names will make me write someone off as a potential.
thanamesnyaa · 22-25, F
yeah pretty creepy. when i was in high school girls would call their boyfriends (who were the same age as us) 'daddy' super gross and it makes no sense. also super gross.
rfhh1959 · 61-69, M
It seems to be a trope used for Southern women and I have lived in the South since college in the late 70's and know of only one woman who does that and I its strange to me
misterbigtime · 46-50, M
"If you'll be my bodyguard, I can call you Daddy" lol.. (and yeah I know the lyrics are not like that)
Perry4444 · 51-55, M
Yeah. I had a woman on here who wanted to call me daddy as a role play. I was like....see ya. Eeww. Too weird.
PerthSurfer · 46-50, M
You mean it's not just a private role play thing, but they do it casually in front of others?
SW User
definately creepy maybe its rooted in more incestuous times when that kind of thing was acceptable
not creepy at all
[@741884,LondonCowboy] 🤭
LondonCowboy · 46-50, M
[@980195,SusterKATOOLSIEvdHYGorde] 😈😻😘
Wedgy · 26-30, F
[@741884,LondonCowboy] It is extremely disgusting
Yeah, it's pretty common. I don't know why. I wouldn't call my partner Mommy.
Gamalon · 26-30, M
I was thinking this lately. Its... unsettling. Call the guy anything else.
LondonCowboy · 46-50, M
I don’t think they do it in an incestuous way though but as a term of affection 🌹
Poetvann · 22-25, F
I think it's funny as fuck. Me and my friends just make a mockery of that shit
Imagine them in bed ''who's your daddy?' Oh wait, dont! 🤦
Myself11 · 61-69, M
Yes it is common but I say to each there own
MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
I have not had a girl call me that nor want that.
Diamonddog · 26-30, M
probably because they're fathers
[@877165,Chaoticneutral] just no 😂
A lot of submissive use that to refer to their dom.
PepsiColaP · 22-25, F
I'm actually Greek
2cool4school · 41-45, F
[@1090951,PepsiColaP] And ...?
Allelse · 31-35, M
You should look up those father daughter proms they have other there. Its this strange creepy Christian ritual they have where all these fathers takes their daughters to a prom and they all get dressed up dance with their daughters.
Muthafukajones · 41-45, M
It’s just a fetish
Viper · M
Basically what [@8345,LucyFuhr] said, terms of endearment often don't make a lot of sense if you over think them. They're usually more silly nicknames, used to mean that person is special in some form or way.
lilacgirl · 41-45, F
ninjavu · 51-55, M
It's not my thing, but I know people who do. It's their thing; I have no issue with it, but I do get annoyed when younger women presume they can call me "Daddy".
KA9ha · 31-35, M
its a stupid statement of young americans ...
The copulating males are much older in comparison and almost their fathers age group....
DrWatson · 61-69, M
I find it very creepy. More than once on here, when I try to express that sentiment, I have been criticized for it.
scooogy · 26-30, MVIP
I've been shown cookie soda from the US, there's hardly anything that could shock me yet.
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
In the heat of passionate embrace I have been called 'daddy' by more than one woman. It didn't hurt my feelings.
pianoplayingsteve · 26-30, M
Lots of british people do it, too. It is a direct evidence of the infantilisation of society.
scooogy · 26-30, MVIP
They should get treated like daughters then, just to see the weirdness in their words.
Suethenudist · 31-35, F
Only thing i heard was other women saying the guy is their baby dady
Coppercoil · M
It's hot and you are a prude.
Wedgy · 26-30, F
[@58876,Coppercoil] No, it’s absolutely creepy
TonyStark007 · 31-35, M
It's kinda of trend, however feels weird

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