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Is it just me or are women really obsessed with eyelashes nowadays?

I think the lash extensions look silly most of the time. like some are really out of control.
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
They cool you down when the heat index is 113
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
I tried them a couple of years ago for about 10 minutes. They aren’t for me, I was very self conscious and felt like my eye lids were flapping.@Kowlick
Kowlick · 41-45, M
@Keepitsimple flippity flap flap
NiftyWhite · 46-50, F
lol that’s a good way to put it@Keepitsimple
BalmyNites · F
I'm not, I don't even wear mascara
NiftyWhite · 46-50, F
same! @BalmyNites
BalmyNites · F
I've tried a few times, but it hurt my eyes, so I don't bother now, I don't feel I need it with such dark eyes anyway @NiftyWhite
I was in Texas this past week and every girl I saw had eyelashes that were 3" long. Thank god was 105 in San Antonio. The blinking was the only breeze we had to keep cool.
EmilyEdith · 51-55, F
yeah how about the little magnety kind?
I'm sure I have time during my day to walk around wondering if and when any of my facial features have fallen off.
Mismatched eyeballs mmmm sexy.

calicuz · 51-55, M
I like it, eyelashes are sexy
The extensions - they’re as time-consuming and expensive as owning a pet! Average price for full set is between $200-$300 and fill-ins (most people go every three weeks - $35-$65. (I was reading about them, not buying them).
NiftyWhite · 46-50, F
yes. it’s a lot of maintenance @Mamapolo2016
4meAndyou · F
There's no need for all that silly glue. If you're into eyelashes, they make a magnetized double strip nowadays. Regular fake eyelash strip, but two of them attached to one another, and they snap on right over your own eyelashes.
Yeah them. Im not a girl
curiosi · 61-69, F
The glue that is used can damage your regular eye lashes. Thus insuring you continue to use the fake ones.
I like them and get them done but I try to keep them as natural as I can 🙈
Its to beat back the flies
HannahSky · F
Yep, they look fake as hell
fashion's gonna fashion, I guess
Totally agree.
I never really notice what other women are doing. I haven’t seen any new commercials, either.
NiftyWhite · 46-50, F

Something like this look
@NiftyWhite Holy moly ! 😳
I wonder how they stay on ?
NiftyWhite · 46-50, F
Lots of glue!!! most aren’t that bad but still look pretty obvious and silly. @bijouxbroussard

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