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Do you ever wonder why people ignore you

after you both shared nudes with each other and talked about wanting to f-ck?馃槀馃槅 hm.. I guess he wasn鈥檛 bi after all and now he鈥檚 probably gonna avoid me forever LOL
Carver31-35, F
Screw him, he doesn't sound like he's worth having around anyway.

But when people ignore me, I usually have a good idea why that is. 馃槀
i just don鈥檛 get it !馃槅 what鈥檚 the point in ignoring someone when you could just tell them haha @Carver
Carver31-35, F
@Iamjessie Maybe they don't want to come off rude by saying they don't want to talk anymore. Even though it's even worse just ghosting you if you ask me.
UndeadPrivateer31-35, M
Indeed, I do often find myself quite curious just what I did that set them off. Same with blocks.

People are weird and often do shit for reasons that are difficult to comprehend.
That鈥檚 really shitty :/

When someone ignores me I just figure they鈥檝e grown tired of me or found someone more interesting.
aww...lmao I do that and I feel bad 馃槀馃槥
Miram31-35, F
maybe they like more romantic words to describe it.

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