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do we live in "fake" age

Fake news twisting stories and facts into political points for their parties

Fake reality TV show that doesn't describe how anyone lives

Fake dipictions of people dressed up and designed on graphic imagining software

Fake food served at every corner

Our houses are prefabed and the wood is pressed together sandpaper that resembles cardboard

Fake social interactions that became preferable to meeting the person next to u

Fake furniture that's breaks if u move it

Show me one real thing in this world and it will be reproduced into something fake in a few years
@waleskinder exactly
I see a bad moon rising.

If news was presented with just facts not wrapped in opinion and bias, it was be boring as fuck and no one would tune in.
It’s these networks jobs to keep you glued to your seat and waiting for what’s coming next. They have air time to sell to other corporations.

Notice how everything is a apocalyptic even these days..?
Ladywiththepants · 31-35, F
Are we even real? What if my mind is in a jar, and my life is being simulated for me? Way to fuck with my mind
@Ladywiththepants even reality is a fake simulatio
Omg now my head is fucked too
read up on postmodern society and late stage capitalism. this was always bound to happen
@SW-User I mean im just kinda rambling nonsense to see what people will respond with

Its really not all doom and gloom

There r many thinkers out there trying to promote new ideas about where we can go from here

New work is my personal favorite
LucyAndEddy · 61-69, C
Fake responses to your post??

Just wondering

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