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What is the meanest thing someone has done to you, how did you deal with it?

Are people generally nice or mean in your opinion?
somethingIsuppose · 31-35, F
I had kids spread rumors about me in 8th grade because I was new and I had ticked a neighbor kid off in the summertime. They said I popped my cherry with a hot dog, and they got the girl I shared a locker with to put a pack in there and when I walked away the whole class gathered around and the guy I liked threw it at me and everyone laughed and what not. It was so disgusting and cruel and completely false.
[@473468,somethingIsuppose] What a miserable bunch of assholes. I'm so sorry that happened to you 😦 I was bullied alot in school as well but that's next level crap.
[@473468,somethingIsuppose] It makes me sad people can be this way.
somethingIsuppose · 31-35, F
[@575634,Selfexpression] yea and the only way i got them to stop was by punching one of the popular girls in the face and making it known that people need to stop fucking with me
Probably when I was pregnant and my OBGYN's nurse was beyond rude to me from the beginning. Everytime I went in she ignored pretty much everything I said, got mad at me for not answering her calls (despite the fact I told her repeatedly I have a job and to call at a different time of day), and when I did answer my phone she'd forget that we'd even talked. I considered switching doctors because of her but I had already had the invasive first exam and I didn't want to go through that again. I kick myself everyday for not changing though, my daughter came out very sick and it was due to my crappy prenatal care.
SageWanderer · 70-79, M
The meanest things done to me were by my ex. Most people are generally nice in my experience.
DragonFruit · 61-69, M
[@516380,nudewalker] of my exes was very mean. There are some lousy people out there, but most people are generally at least civil.
SW User
My sister hit me with a toy car
[@526265,BansheeGirl] bummer.
Latina · 46-50
I was abused as a child and have been attacked a few times over the years, in general people are mean
[@7501,nihiless] I’m so sorry to hear that! ❤️
I think most people are basically decent. You move on if hurt.
rfhh1959 · 61-69, M
Neither nice or mean, self serving
MeisterAndrew · 41-45, M
Meanest thing is probably me always landing in the middle of family drama.

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