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Why don't sick people stay the F*** home???

OMG! This guy in my department was out for 3 days. Now he shows up today sounding like he's going to cough up a lung! I guess I missed the announcement it was Bring Your Germs To Work Day!

And we get unlimited paid sick days! GET OUT!!!!
SW User
Because a workplace is not exactly kind to people taking time off work for too long. I am sure it is frowned upon. There are germs everywhere, we just have to get on with it and build our own immunity.
PoetryNEmotion · 56-60, F
Management insists that people work regardless of their health. They demand notes. They call when you are at home. It is comparable to slavery. No breaks. No replacements. People work short and they become angry and depressed. It was like that at my second last workplace. People also feel they cannot remain at home to rest and to get better. They feel guilty. Why? Only full-time people have sick benefits. They have to use them wisely. But do use them. Don't be a martyr. Spreading your germs to others is not cool.
You know, I caught a little bit of flack for saying the same thing about parents sending sick kids to school. This kids mom sent her to school KNOWING she was sick. Two days later, my son has the flu. Selfish people!
lilcountrygrl · 36-40, F
[@672262,Pixiering] ha ha... you see I'm already getting flack for suggesting people stay home when they're sick! I want to send my son to school in a haz-mat suit!
[@679480,lilcountrygrl] Yep..I got stuff like you're getting.
Serenitree · F
I'm home. But, I had to leave to go to the doctor, and tomorrow, I have to go for x-rays. I wonder why they don't have portable x-ray machines, so we who are sick, don't have to go to places where we will undoubtedly pass on our germs. At least, I never went to work sick.
crystalkid · 51-55, M
At management level, we get "unlimited" sick days too, but after three consecutive days out, it's either come to work or get your doctor to fill out a bunch of forms so you will still get paid
Serenitree · F
[@1428,crystalkid] and if you are really sick, your doctor shouldn't be reluctant to fill those forms. They charge enough, it's not as if they are doing it as a favour.
crystalkid · 51-55, M
[@4431,Serenitree] They are rarely reluctant to fill out the forms, but trying to get an appointment within the same week is sometimes a challenge
Serenitree · F
[@1428,crystalkid] true.
ZenKitzune · F
My boss always argues with me when I try to call in sick. Last time I was throwing up she said "are you sure you can't just come in anyway" I told her the rest of the office wouldn't appreciate it if I did. She said "idc about them!"
SubZeroSlays808 · 26-30, M
UGH...tell me about it! I still remember the worst time I ever got sick was right after attending a metal concert in early 2012. Someone there must have been sicker than fucking sick, because in just a couple of mornings after, I woke up with cold symptoms, except they were of the extreme kind. Super sore throat, waking up blowing a bunch of dehydrated green shit out of my nose and my body barely having the energy to get up off the couch and move around for several days.

Not gonna lie, I wanted to find whoever gave me that virus and shove my boot up their ass!
[@344002,SubZeroSlays808] It was the mushrooms.
SubZeroSlays808 · 26-30, M
[@619287,Jwalker] Someone would have had to inject them into my bloodstream to get those inside me.
nudydude · 56-60, M
I totally get you. however I know people cannot afford to miss work anymore so they come in sick and contaminate everything so people keep recycling the sickness.

BAre Hugs
tiggerandariel13 · 41-45, M
my g/f has been out of work for a week she has pneumonia
Serenitree · F
[@1263,tiggerandariel13] Then she really should qualify for the vaccine.
tiggerandariel13 · 41-45, M
[@4431,Serenitree] her doctor told us she will give her one
Serenitree · F
[@1263,tiggerandariel13] Oh, good. I wish her well. I don't know if the doctor will inform, but the vaccine should be repeated every five years.
That always pissed me off. GO HOME, I don't think you are tough because you came to work sick!!!
unknownpoetx · 36-40, M
how you know it's contagious?
Serenitree · F
[@1059,unknownpoetx] and so this is real. You aren't playing stupid. You're actually as stupid as you're showing yourself to be. It is SAFEST to assume you are contagious until you have been diagnosed as not contagious. Especially during flu season.

Even your grammar, when trying to play smart, shows you to be stupid. Goodbye. Maybe you should eat some of the shit you've been spewing.
lilcountrygrl · 36-40, F
[@4431,Serenitree] ugh... now I wish I hadn't blocked him. He missed that
Serenitree · F
[@679480,lilcountrygrl] oh well, it doesn't matter. He is unteachable. Or he's a troll.
Reboot · 46-50, M
Thankfully where I work it's frowned upon to come to work sick. We're given enough sick days to take care of any illness we might have. I've been sent home by management more times at this one job than from all my jobs combined. People here just dont want anyone to bring that into the office!
tiggerandariel13 · 41-45, M
4 of my kids have been sick
SW User
Bluebell · 31-35, F
He might not be sick. You can have a cough and be totally fine.
lilcountrygrl · 36-40, F
[@330590,Bluebell] No, he even keeps commenting on how lousy he feels. 😑
Serenitree · F
[@330590,Bluebell] You're right. I frequently cough simply because of the dryness in the air. My throat gets dry and itchy....but there's a big difference between dry cough and spraying germs to hell and back.
what if he miss too many days work and fire him? maybe thats why he returned?
lilcountrygrl · 36-40, F
[@642447,MysteriousGhost] They'd never do that. It's a good company.
Test12345 · 26-30, M
Because they get looked down upon. Ask society why.
lilcountrygrl · 36-40, F
[@336516,MartinTheFirst] we work in IT and our company supports alternate work arrangements. So there's no stigma about working from home.
Test12345 · 26-30, M
[@679480,lilcountrygrl] that's good
Quizzical · 41-45, M
Unlimited paid sick days?! Damn, that's an awesome benefit!
JarJarBoom · 41-45, F
who else is going to do my work?
Serenitree · F
[@21000,JarJarBoom] Who will do it if you quit or die? Work gets done. If you're a valuable employee, the company will manage to cover your work. What if you get hit by a car on your way to work...who will take care of that?
cycleman · 56-60, M

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