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Scared and paranoid

What should I do?

Long story short I met someone on a dating app etc, I felt like they were love bombing me, they told me they loved me the third week without meeting me in person and the same day they told me they were illegal here int the states etc basically it felt like they were eluding to the fact of us being together hence I think because he even said he had no papers etc, etc and I told him no that I want nothing to do with that and and so I reported them and then told them I reported them and now I am feeling scared because I told them on WhatsApp and than blocked them. Now I see they have my last name with their first name on WhatsApp, I am not sure if they are patronizing me or scaring me. I am feeling a little scared and don’t know what to do. Any advice? I don’t if I am just being paranoid or in my head but what are the chances he has my last name on his profile.
Get off WhatsApp and stay off. He will most likely get bored and move on to someone else he thinks he can manipulate. Don’t give people online your private info. Stay safe.
JaneCas · 26-30, F
@NoGamesTolerated thank you, he asked for my phone number the second day I spoke to him on the dating app, so he has my number and I think he searched me because he found my last name which isn’t a coincidence. Yes I just blocked him now thank you
@JaneCas I would remove myself from the app and change your phone number. Get off any site he is in… he will move on if you are not there.
JaneCas · 26-30, F
@NoGamesTolerated thank you I appreciate it

Shadyglow · F
you need a few days in the grief relief booth in the mall. You are seeking safety now after he was seeking love and protection. Marriage is one real way people can come here with no fear, Many go for it without a chance to be able to put on the act well. Its destroys the lives of everyone when the truth starts to hit. All are victims of our government's SAVAGE SADISTIC policies towards unwanted people of any country. I myself go through this constantly for being unwanted right here in whiteydebasedslaveland usa. And as far as you being outed just throw the machine in the lake and buy another in 3 months. Dont listen to anyone but your dog and best lifetime friend(s) You know why.

Wish u hadn't hurt him but he hurt u too. When I was 20 I loved love songs like this, maybe it will cheer u up:
in10RjFox · M
It's a stupid habit people have to scare people by saying that they have complained or going to report etc. One should always keep the contact but report silently without making a noise and also tell someone known that they're are doing so.

But relax as they can do nothing much as they get no benefit out of it. Instead next time have a rate.. like you charge 100k for the service.. and 20k advance.

These are ways to annoy them. If they negotiate just reduce the rate but still take the advance.
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RedGrizzly · 26-30, F
Sounds like it's more about him getting citizenship in your country, if that's possible through relationships like that. Trying to test the waters about the truth of his situation with you.
masterofyou · 70-79, M
WhatsApp is a scammer site, just stay off of it and delete it 😒
You got way too close too soon.

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