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Question about trauma from gaslighting

Most of us know by now that manipulating or gaslighting someone often causes trauma and sometimes permanent mental health issues.
But what about parents? Maybe its because i was a bad kid, but actually even the good kids who only appeared to be good arent any better I dont think.
My question is, do parents get traumatized from all the gaslighting they get from their kids? I know gaslighting from a parent harms kids, but do parents become victims too? Is it different for different types of relationships?
That's a very interesting question. I think the parents are [i]already [/i]victimized, and pass along that victimization to their kids, through gaslighting and many [i]other[/i] behaviors.
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
My experience, as someone with C-PTSD who has a great relationship with my only child tween whom is a joker/prankster, is that sometimes my kid's antics or playful taunts and teasing [which includes gaslighting] can trigger me.

My kid's father has many covert narcissist traits and patterns of abuse. Unfortunately our child has modeled a tiny bit of this after Dad and on rare occasion whips out this tactic, usually after being called out for a not great behavior.
Fairydust · F
Good question, I guess it’s different, I’ve been very lucky my kids never did anything like that and have a great relationship with them.

My Sil though is very controlling with her kids even though they are grown up now. I think it’s caused her issues but deep down she’s to blame, it’s hard to watch from afar.
No. A child isn't in power over a parent and it's more obvious than people think when your children lie to you.

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