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馃搲 Bitcoin Price - Feb 10th, 2023

[b]All is playing out as expected, so far, per yesterday's update[/b] (below). 馃憤

No major changes/updates yet,

[u][i]Just to remind:[/i][/u]

[b]Always be cautious when trying to "Catch" a strong move into its reversal.[/b]
[i](something best suited for more experienced traders)[/i]

It's usually safer/recommended to:

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Price has pulled up here instead - in our "Wait and Watch Zone".

I did get partial fills, per my earlier statement:

[quote][b]Light Buys around current range can be considered[/b], but no doubt there's still risk of a final drop.[/quote]

However.,, it isn't a Low-Risk place I'd recommend Beginners to "Buy All-In" at.

It's always risky to buy into (against) a significant move.

My larger buys were, and still are indeed, in the Green Zone below.

Understanding that there was a chance that price pulls up like this,
I left a smaller Buy portion in the Wait and Watch range.

Note that there's still resistance immediately above the current price.
So we aren't completely out of the woods yet.

We'll have to see how price reacts at the Grey Line "21.9k", which was previously minor Support, quickly broken.

There seems to be a good chance of one final Drop on BTC, for this current daily Downtrend.

Hopefully, right into our Buy Zone (Green Box).

Not much else to update on at the moment.

Once I get time in the coming days and weeks, I will start producing more detailed analysis to explain my reasoning and targets.

It takes time to put together, so bear with me. :)

I see some chance of #Bitcoin's price pulling up here.
Though the safest bet would be to wait (and hope) for a potential drop down to the Green box (~21k), so that we get a more meaningful rebound.

Light Buys around current range can be considered, but no doubt there's still risk of a final drop.

TheGreatLeveler31-35, M
Bitcoin is pure speculation. Stick to stocks or other real assets.
If I'm profiting well with Bitcoin, I don't see why I should switch.

Bitcoin's price it can go up or down... doesn't bother me that much, that price fluctuates a lot.

I'm more of a Trader / Accumulator, who focuses on the predicting Daily and Weekly price movements.
TheGreatLeveler31-35, M
Fair enough, but trading usually doesn't offer the same returns over a long time horizon as investing does. That's why it's generally discouraged.
In terms of "Averages", yes.

The "average trader" (90%) loses in the long-run.
The "top 10%" outperforms the market.

I got into Crypto early, in 2014.
Had my losses and learning period, just like any other developing trader.

I eventually reached the point of being an advanced, experienced trader, and I now win much more of my trades than I lose.
I'm trying to decide whether this is commercial/spam or not.

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