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If you're curious about crypto, or a long time fan...

One thing you could do is create a simple QR code receive address for a wallet, and use it to accept things like payment or tips if you have a job that has tips:
Here's an example using a Venmo QR

But you would just put a BTC address instead (or even ETH or DOGE). I think you'd be surprised how many people would tip you just because they liked that you had a BTC tip option.

If you like my idea, feel free to send me some BTC 馃槈 (this is actually my wallet):
[image removed by staff]
I'll send you something, but it's not Bitcoin...
@LordShadowfire funny memes, and perhaps accurate stereotyping for some, but big misses by wide margins on all counts for me. I've made, and continue to make, money with crypto. Real money, that purchases goods and services. These memes poke fun at the come latelys who thought they could get rich quick the same way some lucky folks did who were in early, and started buying alt coins by the bucket load. But long term, crypto is real and makes sense.

Multi-trillion market cap says it's not just some fad by a bunch of "crypto bros". Also, all my bills paid, debt free, retirement portfolio now more than double what it was from saving for over a decade.

The point of my post is the sooner more people accept and adopt BTC, the higher the price goes, the more stable it becomes, and the sooner we can say goodbye to depreciating centralized currencies like USD sucking our savings away through inflation as the controlling parties continue to print more.

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