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Airdrop Farming

Hi this for anyone who wants to try airdrop farming.
I suggest you create accounts exclusively for airdrops. They should be anonymous and don't ever use for socializing. This protects you from scammers and hackers.
So you'll need: 1) email 2) X (formerly twitter) 3) discord
I suggest you also have a cypto wallet specifically for this.

Good luck :)

So here you can try
1) Grass
sign up with reference code

what to do: install grass extention, run it on background, can ask others to join with referrence code


2) Paramgaming
sign up with reference code

what to do: tasks: mostly like, repost or reply on X or join discord channel


3) Sidequest
reference code: MisterXwaves

what to do: mostly like, repost or reply on X or join discord channel


4) Banter Bubbles

what to do: just go to https://banterbubbles.com/ then create account, points go up as you use it. They've already done 1 gummy airdrop. More to come.
metanarrative · 41-45, M
Don't listen to the paranoid fear mongering as long as you set up the anonymous accounts and wallet specifically for this. This is free airdrop farming. You needn't pay a single dollar. It might take you a while to catch up doing past task but you just need 5 minutes or even less to do daily tasks
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
@metanarrative cryptocurrency is just toxic evil an ultra dangerous
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
I don't know why you folks even try to draw users away from here.

Not only there's only less than 8,000 users, and most of those PM. Yet the algorithm limits yours and everyone else's feed too less than a hundred.

Just look at your view count!
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