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I Am Saddened By Ignorance

Social Ignorance... This is a story about most people.

Their eyes are generally closed tight shut and they are scared to open them - in part because they know their own actions are far from perfect and this is something they don't want to accept. This eyes-closed-ness is usually the first obstacle to getting them to care about you, once your heart has fallen for them. If you can manage this and they stick with you, your next challenge is to make them still feel safe, like their past ignorance is ok, and forgiven, and normal. Then you can show them what they have been missing out on, and somehow keep them positive, like there is plenty of time left to experience this - just because you've missed out for some time doesn't mean you can't catch up and/or overtake. Then allow them to speak their feelings, only offering positive comments and slight coaching using your valuable experiences and they will grow and begin to show caring towards you. It is at this point that genuine reciprocity begins.
DreamCoCreators · 36-40, M
Hi, thanks for asking :) It works in general, particularly for relationships. My ex-housemate is my brother-from-another-mother. He and I talk on the same wavelength, and I am really lucky to have met him. His girlfriend is trying to break free from him at the moment, because she is an attention whore and needs to be 'looked over' by as many people as possible. She does not see that she is a social vampire (, and needs the above to happen before she can truly love. The thing is, the one who opens a girl's eyes like that rarely gets the girl. It's a sad sad tale, but to be someone's knight in shining armour like that rarely results in a sensible relationship afterwards. I don't yet understand why not, but your ground work is often not even appreciated until years after. That's my own experience... ;) So, does that answer your question? Anything more you would like to know - maybe PM me and I'll share a story ;D Unless it's relevant of course and I'll answer here gladly!
I am curious to know the specific situation which sparked this particular piece. As I read it, I was surprised by how many different situations it could apply to... Just curious :-)

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