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I Am Saddened By The Colorado Shooting

I use to go to Aurora Century 16 Theater while growing up in Colorado or what it's now known as Aurora Century Theater. It was very sad what happened, and even though I wasn't in the theater at that time, the shooting effected me to an extent because it hit close to home. For the longest time I dared not go back to Century Theater after it reopened, even though the shooting happened in one house, just because it would be weird going into a theater where people were killed. There are many times where I wish this incident didn't happen like all other shooting incidents, because horrible events like these ruins everything. I now go to Harkins Theater in Northfield which is hella far, but to this day many years later, I still debate on whether I should go back to Century since it's so close to me.
diablo · 46-50, M
Thanks so much for sharing this post about Aurora. Your area has been rocked by two horrible mass shootings in the past two decades.
Meh....guns kill
diablo · 46-50, M
@InOtterWords That's true about guns but why is her detailed post "meh" ?

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