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How do you feel when you're naked/being a nudist?

In my opinion, being naked is like myself in if you wanted to be your true self and very comfortable. I just would love to get naked when I can (At home, nudist resort, or a Korean Spa as you can only be naked in the wet spa [I would rather stay in the wet spa to see how it feels to be wet without wearing any clothing]). To me, being naked is my most comfortable and natural state I see myself being in to feel the natural breeze. I'm planning to be naked at a Korean Spa at some point because they have a place for Nudists I want to be. There are places that allow nudism to be practiced. Sometimes my brain makes me take off all my clothes and be a nudist. I like having time to experience nudism when I can.

I feel that shedding all clothing including underwear is my way getting to nature, if I'm at a nudist resort or beach, I'll just remove all my clothing so my whole body feels the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere.

As usual, I never wear clothes when I shower, so next time I go swimming on property where nudism is allowed, I'll just be excited to go skinny dipping so I can be be nude more often. I feel that I'm going to be obsessed with the nudist lifestyle. If I go to a nudist resort, I'll make sure i don't wear clothes which is my true state of dress.
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RP61599 · 22-25, M
If I can, I would go all day without clothes. I'd also like to look for places where I can embrace my own nudist self.

Also I can now refer myself as a nudist because I love being naked, it's like my clothes came off and I feel the kisses of air and water onto my own body.

I like giving myself time in the nude so I can feel more comfortable when I can. I just feel more happier in my own skin when I shed my clothing for nudism when I do practice seeing the nudist lifestyle as a goid thing but I like to get naked whenever and wherever I can be naked like a nudist resort or a Nudist Swim Club.

The times I get to shed my clothes is one time when I get closest to nature.
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