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How do you feel when you're naked/being a nudist?

In my opinion, being naked is like myself in if you wanted to be your true self and very comfortable. I just would love to get naked when I can (At home, nudist resort, or a Korean Spa as you can only be naked in the wet spa [I would rather stay in the wet spa to see how it feels to be wet without wearing any clothing]). To me, being naked is my most comfortable and natural state I see myself being in to feel the natural breeze. I'm planning to be naked at a Korean Spa at some point because they have a place for Nudists I want to be. There are places that allow nudism to be practiced. Sometimes my brain makes me take off all my clothes and be a nudist. I like having time to experience nudism when I can.

I feel that shedding all clothing including underwear is my way getting to nature, if I'm at a nudist resort or beach, I'll just remove all my clothing so my whole body feels the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere.

As usual, I never wear clothes when I shower, so next time I go swimming on property where nudism is allowed, I'll just be excited to go skinny dipping so I can be be nude more often. I feel that I'm going to be obsessed with the nudist lifestyle. If I go to a nudist resort, I'll make sure i don't wear clothes which is my true state of dress.
RP61599 · 22-25, M
If I can, I would go all day without clothes. I'd also like to look for places where I can embrace my own nudist self.

Also I can now refer myself as a nudist because I love being naked, it's like my clothes came off and I feel the kisses of air and water onto my own body.

I like giving myself time in the nude so I can feel more comfortable when I can. I just feel more happier in my own skin when I shed my clothing for nudism when I do practice seeing the nudist lifestyle as a goid thing but I like to get naked whenever and wherever I can be naked like a nudist resort or a Nudist Swim Club.

The times I get to shed my clothes is one time when I get closest to nature.
RP61599 · 22-25, M
Pretty much now, I also love to swim naked, it felt like if I was swimming the way mother nature told me to swim, she told me to swim naked. My skin dries much better and faster. Now before I swim, I make sure I'm not wearing anything, not even that soggy swimsuit. I'm just one of those younger nudists. My nudism even make me more happier than I ever experienced.

In fact, I love to shed all my clothing including underwear before I head over to the pool. I just wear a housecoat on tbe way down then lay it down on a chair, put on my googles then jump in, it's so relaxing. I'd rather spend my naked time swimming so Ican get better exercise. One of those days, I'll end up swimming with another nudist like I am. It's much more fun.
nudydude · 56-60, M
Relaxing naked is just like relaxing with clothes on. Only difference is you body can breath and feel more comfortable.
nuddie · 61-69, M
Love being naked I find it totally relaxing

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