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Nightmare! I've been having some awful dreams!

I dreamt I was at my mums with my half sister.

(Following from a conversation I had in real life yesterday I told my mum she's constantly being negative about her weight.)

In the dream we were all talking and whilst I was straightening my hair. I finished it off with a centre parting.
Only for her to tell me that she hates when I do it that way and she thinks I'd be better off changing it.

So I said oh just like you and the same damn hairstyle you've had for the last 40 years!

Big mistake!

She went in to such a dark place finding all dirt on me to try and humiliate me in front of my sister. But luckily she had my back.

We were planning to go food shopping and so my sister stepped out the room briefly to get her coat. My mum was still going on at me lowering her voice. But things esculated where by she was strangling me.

My sister came in and had to break us apart!

I was actually suffocating in real life face in my pillow!

such a dramatic dream! it seems realistic too, except the strangling part (hopefully!)
Mellowgirl31-35, F
@AliceinWonderland I think because there's something I need to discuss with my mum it's making me relive some current, routine disagreements and previously traumatic events. It's not nice.
Oh that is harsh. Glad it was only a dream
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