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Had A Dream..

That I was a teenager at school and a teacher was accusing me of tresspassing and stealing lego from the school.. I got angry and said something along the along lines of "why the fuck would I steal lego from the school?" And she told me I need to return it. "Do you even know what you are doing? You're accusing me of something I haven't done, you're the one whose going to get in shit, do you even have any evidence" she replied with "we have a video of a girl chasing you on camera, so did she take it from you?"

Then a memory hit me and I was recalling in the dream that years ago I was in school and got locked in a storage room in the school. I cried because I was stuck in there for hours and played with lego I found. Then as soon as a security woman opened the door I ran out of the room and she chased after me and comforted me when she caught me. That's all I coukd remember.

The dream was so real that at first I thinking about if that could have been a real memory when I woke up.
Do you usually steal legos? If so it might have been real.
AlteredMind · 26-30, M
@Justcallmenameless Lol no, I would have been like 8 in the dream at the time I "stole" the lego which doesn't add up because I was a teenager by the time I was being accused in my dream so I would have been in a different school even the woman accusing me was a primary/junior school teacher.

It was just one of those dreams that seem real until you start to wake up properly.
@AlteredMind oh i thought you mighta lost it at my house. Cuz i stepped on one when i was awake. And i dont even have any legos.

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