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Sinking one's own reputation - 2

As promised, here's some more wickedness. This weekend I had an interesting enough discussion with a self-labeled autistic guy on here who first didn't dare to claim to be a communist and then now obviously thinks differently only a few days later. Heck, what happened to you? You've aligned yourself to the dino's. Well, I decided to mute the guy, like some of you probably will do with me after this, but who cares? But understand this, I decided not to care about that any more (although I'm fooling myself here in spades because I do care a lot, but I'm trying to look after myself too now) because this is how EP in the past would have worked too. I do miss that old timer a lot. But lets move on, I wanted to warn some of you with this posting of mine of some post pop culture communists amongst us. First class spoiled brats because they can't be real social-democrats and need to be pure communists because they love Marx so. I want to both cry and shout here and now. First of all, they don't know that someone like Debord is actually not easy to understand nor ready made to be taken out of his historical context for any political purpose of the present day. Secondly, they haven't read any of the past and present critiques nor do they actually want to do that. Oh no, gone is the Socratic questioning because they have turned themselves blind and deaf to reality. Yes, they're obviously caught into a near to autistic world and don't want to get out of it any more. It's what we call in our days of living with social media an echo chamber of their own making. This is something that isn't talked about enough, and that's the honest truth. On the internet since decades most amongst us have indeed created a world of our own making and then get caught in it whole. And it's quite easy and normal to do that. Personally, I fell in love with a person in chat anno 90s and although that was an event in the past it still can hinder my own life today and still can haunt my social interactions even till right now. We're walking brains after all and shouldn't be fooled into believing anything else. But what to do about it? That's the right question to ask, yes. Find a moral center or ethical constant, and moreover a real purpose in life and society at your level and being. I've been a librarian for donkey's years, and although I do feel like one at times, one shouldn't underestimate that particular animal's importance either. Just think back to the donkey that Jesus Himself rode Jerusalem in with. The servant part of christianity comes with lowliness, and that particular helpful state of mind happens when one is helpful and loves the other. But who can we look up to these days, is perhaps our question right now. Well, I like to introduice you to someone like Will Self who's a real thinking man for today's society. No, I'm not pretending that he's an ideal nor without fault but he atleast doesn't dumb down anything, not even in an youtube clip. So if anyone else out there who's really into believing old guys from the past try this still living guy first

I'd be interested in reading your critique of Marx and marxism.
val70 · 51-55
@RebelliousSpirit When I have time I'll do that. I'm writing essays on the bible and art next
Randmly · 51-55, M
Wait we have autistic communists?
val70 · 51-55
@Randmly Oh yes, self styled. No less 🙄

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