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Sometimes i just wanna write till my hands say "can we fall off now?" and i say no you do what your supposed to do, this is important!

And the hands are like okie dokie mister man, that last part like Kathy Bates' Number 1 fan Annie Wilkes

Then it's Dana Carvey, was that his last name? His SNL church lady "Isn't that special"

All of those rejoinders are just the echoes of seeing and hearing things, being entertained

What is being entertained if not also reflecting on our lives?

A fully liberating entertainment has to feed the mind as well as the heart, and the love handles

But when the mind wanders like this, and there's no tautness, no driving point, it's just fickle,

you need the fickle to balance out the heavy,

if all there was was heavy, we'd be singing something something for the heavenly all stars

that's from Hank in Twin peaks, he's married to Norma, the completely silent curtain runner lady who develops super human strength

super human strength -- for women all through time, they needed it to get through

this is not Jarfff trying clumsily to preach feminism, this is honest to goodness reflection

as i read some feminism a lot of things became clear to me however

The world, and it's institutions have mistreated women, egregiously.

It is one of the most convincing displays i ever read, of the out of whack nature of the world

UPSIDE DOWN is what this world has been, for so long that it seems like right side up.

In the 60's and 70's of the last century, an awakening occurred, consciousness upgrades appeared, the world shook

And in the 2020's the world shall shake again, and not from what we think, as a dreamer i dream it will be shook by the people who weren't given a chance, the shorthanded, those who were jipped, they'll do something, each in their own personal environments, and all together the world will take notice, of them who they so consistently ignored and mistreated.

The world will see TRUTH more clearly than it has ever seen before.

Many will not be able to handle it, others will be changed, and there will be no inbetween.

CLARITY, misconceptions will vanish, things will get straightened out, JUSTICE and MERCY will sing a duet, and the only applause there'll be will be those with still their wits about them by some supernatural means.

and then we will know, really know, and the way we think we know now will be an utter shame to us, and that is why many will not be able to handle it, because, when we change and still remember how we were, only then will foundational matters come into play, and not just play but put into full force.
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Jarffff · 46-50
@Jimbo1 Mission accomplished!! 😆

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