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Interesting thing here I found on Quora and it resonated with me. Just wanted to share.

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I’m black and I wonder when white people will pay us reparation. Why not?
Hello. Bkack woman here. Let me answer

Whats wrong with black people? You have the audacity to even want reparations when YOU WAS NEVER A SLAVE! Plus, not every white person owned slaves or was a slave master. If you did research, you would know that it was the UPPER high class rich white people that had slaves. Majority of slaves went to Brazil! It was only 1–6% black slaves from Africa sent to America. Others went to the Carribeans and other places! Also, if you did research, you would then find out that white people were SOLD slaves by…other black people!! So where is those reparations from Africans?! There’s literally the Dahomey Tribe that was fighting the French(white people) to KEEP slavery! How about the Ashanti Tribe fighting the English during Queen Victoria reign? They sold their own(not rival tribes before u go use the “Rival tribes were selling another” excuse). Also, why arent white women in Barbary given reparations?! You do know black men sold BOTH black women and white women into slavery?! But thats quiet. Im a free black woman but im tired of this victim mindset. My family came from nothing and a bad country and worked their butt off! My family is full of lawyers, Marine members, actors, doctors, and cooks. We never asked for any reparations or try to use our race as excuses! I am US Marine and I love this country. I made it far! I earn my rank! I never made excuses or beg in this country. I found out my family were sl@v3s AND sl@v3masters! Im not a victim. All this can be answered if you did a history search. The past hurts and it was disgusting but youre not a victim. Stoo being lazy and entitled for something u didnt go through.

What do you think?
Sapio · 51-55, M Best Comment
I share in the sentiment of the fellow black person's answer.
@Sapio Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts and commenting. 🙂
Sapio · 51-55, M
@NoGamesTolerated thank you for BC

Nitedoc · 51-55, M
No one knows how long slavery has taken place in the world. It is mentioned in some of mankind's earliest writings. Many different races were slaves and owned slaves all over the world at the time. Anyone asking for reparations today is simply looking for another handout. They don't care whether or not they deserve it or that it is justified.
@Nitedoc I’m just gonna say this. Yes, evil has been among us from the beginning. Oh yeah! However the Bible tells us that “evil
Men will wax worse and worse!”

2 Timothy 3:13-17
King James Version
13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

Oh yes this is what our maker has to say about it. And I believe him!

Besides I think anyone watching with an honest heart knows that evil is pretty much running the show now when once upon a time it stayed in darkness… in the closet if you will… all evil tried to hide. NOT now… evil is brazen on a much larger scale than any other time!
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
@NoGamesTolerated Well it sure seems to be getting worse and more out in the open unabashedly. Maybe the ever increasing population just yields a higher number of criminals of all types. I don't know.
@Nitedoc I just take the Bible/ God at his word. But yeah ‘evil has always been’ just as it is.. But human beings hearts do not care enough to hide it anymore and are more brazen and will get worse! . And yeah evil is expressed/manifested in ways that would have shocked our ancestors…
JustDJ76 · 46-50, M
Reparations is like paying child support for a baby that’s not yours and to a woman you never had sex with.
@JustDJ76 absolutely
RedGrizzly · 26-30, F
I almost wanted to cry because you know your stuff! 🥲 Just about every ethnicity, if not ALL, was a slave at one point in history! Nobody is asking for a handout except for the agenda backed, regurgitated, more so leftist/communistic political party poured out just to get the African American votes ( Also started with the Black Panther Movement and their 10-point program way back when. Granted black codes were finally abolished in 1964 finally so racism was still at its peak). Nobody is in chains now, except for those in human trafficking and modern day slavery going on underneath the noses of law enforcement of just about EVERY. SINGLE. COUNTRY! That's where the attention needs to be. Pay the victims of that (monetarily and/or other resources) to create a new life for themselves if anything!
calicuz · 56-60, M
I don't believe in reparations either, but I don't think a Black woman wrote that.
@calicuz peace ✌️
calicuz · 56-60, M

I believe, I just don't believe Christ was God. All that Christ did, and will do, does not mean he has to be God.
@calicuz I see. 😞
helenS · 36-40, F
You would want me to send you some money, as a reparation?
How much do you think would suffice? 😏
@helenS Maybe you could answer this guy on Quora, H… 🤭

I don’t think any amount of money would suffice the real victims of slavery.

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