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Coping mechanisms

Here is how i shall go 351 days without ordering stuff:

1. First off it might be shorter, and could be at the earliest summertime a month after the debt is all paid up, to a more reasonable time in December of 2023, when i could demonstrate a more humane spirit and give gifts to others and not just myself.

2. The incredible virtual library in the kindle and physically, focusing on:
a) classic fiction, ie: Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Balzac, Zola, Dumas, Hugo, Stendhal, Dickens, Melville, Hemingway, Faulkner, Joyce, The Arabian Nights, The Decameron, The Canterbury Tales
b) Modern fiction, ie: Ferrante, Undset, Gaddis, Pynchon, Wallace, Vollmann
c) The holy scribblers such as Calvin, Brakel, Charnock, Tertullian, Augustine, Turretin, Beeke
d) page turners like Mo Hayder, Karin Slaughter, Agatha Christie, The Agatha Raisin series, epic fantasy series in the z-library mode like Malazan, Wheel of Time, Dune series, and Asimov, there's even some Joe Ambercrombie there
e) philosophy and instructive texts like Nietzsche, Cioran, Kierkegaard, Shestov, The French Moralists
f) the physical sets of Vonnegut and PKD

3. Spending more time on SW getting my mind further to reflect on deep existential problems the human species faces.

4. Watch movies and shows from my collection both from the good and crappy televisions.

5. Clean up the mess 10 minutes a week, that's an average of less than 2 minutes a day. Which will offer up discoveries of things i was looking for for ages.

6. With financial freedom i could perhaps see fit to celebrate by getting some whiskey, sparingly for sure, and of course more often get tasty foods.

2023 thus should go by rapidly, and i am psyched!!! 🥳

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