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I'm Writing As The Thoughts Flow

I've been thinking for a while now about the scale of my game idea(s). I'm not talking about how many models/points per side, but rather the size of the models themselves. Really you could play it at any scale, but with Platoon/Company sized forces (they're all platoon formations now, but I might throw in Formation Commanders in the form of Company/Platoon Commanders, with platoons and squads being the 'building blocks' of each force) 28mm* models seem the most logical choice.

But the thing is that each scale has their own pros and cons; 28mm models are bigger and well detailed, but you need a bigger area if you want to play with more models; 15mm* models are tiny, but you end up with half a dozen models on each base and so you can have a whole hell of a lot more than in 28mm; 20mm* models are a sort of midway between the other two, as you can have a fair number of models (especially infantry) in a reasonable space, and they're somewhat more detailed than the smaller 15mm, but in saying that, it fails to compete against the 28mm in detail and the 15mm in numbers. There are smaller scales than these, like 10mm, 6mm, 3mm, and even 2mm, but they're too small for what is covered here.

I'm leaning towards 28mm because 50 models here would be a large force in my game so the huge forces of 15mm isn't necessary, and 28mm seems to be the most popular scale to game in with smaller skirmish games. But again, you could play at any scale really.

*28mm is the size of Warhammer models.
*20mm models are 1/72 scale and the size of Airfix, Italeri, etc model kits
*15mm is 1/100 scale

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