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Do foot massagers with electric stimulation & OxyWave Technology really work to help leg ache?

Massageman · 70-79, M
Let's do the last part first - the only OxyWave I've heard about is an oxidizing sanitizer concentrate, nothing to do with Tx for muscle issues.

There are several types of Tx under the label of "e-stim". Some work interferentially, blocking (interfering) with nerve transmission to reduce pain. Some work strictly on a "straight-line" basis to alternately contract/passively relax muscles. Some work in a way to have two waves slightly out of phase with each other to give a varying feeling of contraction. Even foot "massagers" might be more of an ionophoresis type, wherein the foot is in an electrolyte solution the mild current helps pull toxins out of the body (dubiously, with some units). If used correctly and under correct supervision of a trainer, therapist, doctor, etc., some units will give a temporary relaxation if used in that mode or a contraction to slightly improve muscle tone.

I would never replace good old-fashioned exercise with e-stim. IMO, e-stim would be most useful for the invalid/infirm/recovering patient who- literally- CAN'T move their muscles and need to receive their exercise in a passive- rather than active- mode.

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