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Talking to a therapist is parrellel to using AI

I'm watching Her (2013) and something about the way Theodore talks to Samantha made me think that is what talking to a therapist must be like, and the comfort he feels after giving her information about himself is what patients must feel like after talking to their therapist.

I'm not knocking therapy per se but I don't see a therapist, I never have, and I doubt I ever will, so this is mostly conjecture.. But I feel like talking to a therapist is like using AI because they will only know what you tell them. You give them segments of vital information, they crunch the numbers, make assessments how they see fit, and present a reorganized pseudo-original idea of what you just told them back to you. And the only way they will know something about you that you don't tell them is if they research you online and find your social media or an article about you, which is still information that was willingly submitted and in most cases authorized by you, the participant.

A giant part of a therapist's job is to make you feel engaged, or at least make themselves appear to be engaged by you, which is exactly what AI does. The illusion that a therapist can make you feel like you're talking to a friend that actually knows you while constantly offering moral support even though they don't really know you is part of the allure of being in therapy. A therapist is a stranger that instantly gives you affection without you having to be friends with them and work for that affection over time, and that is exactly what AI does when you interact with it.. It gives you what you want without you having to physically work for it, which is why people love using AI.

Crazywaterspring · 61-69, M
Maybe AI is the way to do therapy. I've tried two. One wanted to medicate me and the other was concerned about "your relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.". I walked out on that quack.
@Crazywaterspring Did this quack even ask you what your religious affiliation was before they began their approach into trying to force worship out of you through fear mongering?
Crazywaterspring · 61-69, M
@GoToTheCompound No. It doesn't matter. They only wanted to recruit another mega church minion and source of money. Praying harder does not actually work.
@Crazywaterspring Prayer does work though, part of the power of the human mind is that when a large group of people think the same thing with pure intention, it can actually manifest things into reality, even a miracle.. and when it comes to modern religion, especially abrahamic religion, worshipers are constantly fooled into thinking the wrong things.. things that ultimately harm them.. things that will transfer their life force to a spirit of malevolence that will blind them, and there is no religion that does that to a higher degree than christianity. It's the blind leading the blind with that one. Don't give up on trying to manifest good vibes for yourself though. Believe good things will happen & they will.
I agree, mostly conjecture.
@GoToTheCompound i didn't repeat anything, just agreed with you. You felt like i was being sarcastic about it. Thats interesting. Why did you feel that way?
@SlightlyBelowAverageJoe It sounded like you were dismissing what I wrote as just conjecture in a sense that the sum of what I wrote was nothing more than an opinion that you don't necessarily agree with
@GoToTheCompound i don't necessarily agree with the sum of what you wrote, and agreed with what you said prior, that it is indeed conjecture.

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