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Post therapy

There's another tragic authoress i might get, she only has 5 volumes for 10 bucks each, her name is Ann Quin, she was a British experimental writer, some reviews are unfavorable saying how hard it was to read. She carried the torch from Anna Kavan.

A woman author is precious in this lopsided world, now there is plenty and still they are precious, i'm a fixin' to make a chronological list of the female authors i'm blessed to have, so just you wait and see.

You might think i'm rich and stuff, but the funds being used lately is from inheritance money, i'll stop way before the well runs dry, the idear is to stock up for a long whiles of not gettin' nuttin. There's a long novel by George Perec i might git.

Dad's been talkin' to folks that i really know the scriptures and stuff, it's true i write encouraging notes to him, but in my intake for reading, it moves along and is way more inclusive than he'd be willing to live knowingly about, a few days ago told my bro i have some feminists in the kindle and dad was right there and he said how he didn't like to know that. haha, well i just use SW here then to get things off my chest, when ma was around she wasn't too pleased with some of the things i was getting into, but always the bliblical stuff was welcome. I do love and value that part of learnin', sparks off many a probing thought when combined with the massive totality of things that i'm interested in.

As the days roll by i'll see things in a slowly changing manner, it'll be unoticeable, but it'll be happenin' as it is right now.

Handling grief for me is so different than dad's way, when dad goes, the toughest thing will be his funeral, and how i'm gonna get food and drink for myself, will need to look into delivery things our town has, and how to use some of the wonders of the modern age for my survival.

The times are lookin' to be pretty dicey, as they have been in varying degrees since time began, but each time is new and special, what i'm concerned about is that artifical intelligence is gonna mess with the things i place the most value in, ebooks on the kindle, as i'll be mostly reading things i never read before, i could be reading tainted messed up stuff, and i'll be clueless. Well not the worst thing, illusion keeps a person sane and stuff.

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