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41-45, M
I'm a warrior for God
About Me
About Me
I do what I believe is right, I follow God and try to live righteously. I am not perfect, show me any who claim perfection other than Jesus Christ and I will surely show you a liar, but I am sincere and truthful, and willing to fight and die for what is right and good.

There will come a time that Lucifer rules this world, cutting off the heads of any who refuse his mark numbered 666 on their hand or forehead, and I am ready to have my head cut off.

Until then, I'll help those who need it, enjoy the company of those God puts near me, and protect all that is good with the strength he has given me.

I am big into martial arts, with a particular interest in Jeet Kune Do, which I seem to be quite good at. I also enjoy hiking or even just walking in the woods, good conversation, kind people, and have quite a liking for sweet young women.

If anyone needs advice, I'm always glad to share any wisdom that has been granted to me, I'm here to help.