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41-45, M
I'm a warrior for God
About Me
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Merry Christmas to you!
Just sending my loveeee :)
18-21, F
You are arrested because you are too kind it’s illegal😂🙄
Happy belated new year ~💗
26-30, F
Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!
22-25, F
For your friendly comments
26-30, F
Merry Christmas Theron!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!
what guy doesnt like beer lol
Thank you for being a force for good!
You know that’s right
The dominant dragon hiding inside of a man. Shows mercy when needed but still dominate
Howl at the moon. Like the wolf inside you
26-30, M
Have a great life!
26-30, F
May the joy of this season fill your home and your heart throughout the year! 💕
Thank you, have an ice cream, it's hot outside 🙂
Have something sweet to eat.
Thanks for the gift
26-30, F
Merry Christmas Theron!
26-30, M
Thank youu ☺️
26-30, F
Something to keep you awake during those long hours of work. :)
26-30, F
In case my long messages have been making you thirsty! Hahahaha :)