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Happy holidays hun!
41-45, M
For You Man I Find You Amusing LOL
It's sweet to see how much joy they bring to you, and you to them. Christmas is all about love, and as long as there is love, it will always be perfect.
Wishing you and your loved ones, human and otherwise, a blessed Christmas, and a lovely New Year.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday, and a great New Year!
41-45, M
For You Man
Oh, my! Are there not many other geese to choose from?
Awwww! Baby geese are so cute! Have you ever seen Mr. Jones?
Oh, I love that! Have a nice visit! :)
True, lol. I enjoy collecting snippets of truth from a number of sources. It's such a joy when those truths are brought to light. :)
Thank you, but I can't take credit for that. It came from one of my favorite You Tubers, Paul Joseph Watson.
Not at all. I am quite tidy. :)
That is wise. I need to work on that.
That's the wisdom that comes with age. We are programmed all our lives to worry what others think. That's why most people find it difficult to be their true selves.
It is a bit lonely. I feel so fake just holding my tongue and making "safe" small talk. I can talk more openly to people I meet in the grocery store than I can to family.
Thank you! This is the only place I can talk politics, I'm surrounded by liberals.
Lol, good point! I spent half my life brainwashed by the media, so had no idea what was really going on. Thank God for President Trump!
I love that! It's always so nice to hear positivity! :)
Sounds perfect! :)
It's been gorgeous, warm, sunny, and the lilacs are blooming. I hope it's beautiful where you are, too!
I don't see it taking long to count the votes, and acknowledge Trump's landslide victory. :)
Thank you! And you as well. :)
Sounds perfect! I had a quiet day home with the family. The weather was lovely, everything is blooming, life is good. :)
Aww, I know what you mean. I hope you had a nice Easter, anyway.
Have a lovely Easter!
Lol! Unfortunately, wisdom has never been welcomed by everyone. Look what happened to Socrates!
My pleasure. Thank you for your wisdom. :)
no problem. it was funny.