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Is it worth being a RockStar when you no longer feel like one.

Is it worth being something when you no longer feel like that thing. The RockStar is just the title I mean even being a house wife or mailman; when you no longer want to be that thing what do you do. If you're an athlete and the fun of being an athlete is drained and you no longer have that feeling of competitiveness is it still worth it to compete and monotonously go through the motions of competing. I understand that everyone has to make a living doing something and the best of people make it doing something that they love or at least enjoy doing. Isn't a Wino on the street just as content as a librarian. What do you do when you no longer enjoy doing what you've been doing.
BeefySenpie · M Best Comment
No. However life is a grind for 99% of the population so periods of disillusionment are expected, when it’s constant you need to seek change

Thoughtful post

When something no longer works for me, I simply change it up to fit what I really need in my life. All through our lives, there will always, always be adjustments that need to be made. We simply, as human beings, do not stay stale. There is no need to stay in a rut or depressed, when we can help ourselves. The key to that, is not to let yourself go so far and get so depressed, that you can no longer function, in order to help yourself.

I'm not talking about people who suffer from depression and cannot help themselves. That could be a hormone imbalance and sometimes we can't help but fall into that category when we don't take care of ourselves.
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
I'd say, in general probably no, it's no longer worth trying to go through the motions of doing something you've lost passion for. ...with the big caveat of parenting- that's not really something you should be tapping out on just because it isn't fun anymore.
@Starcrossed True, but so many parents do. I shouldn't have mentioned parenting.
LRain ·
Hmmm is it worth being one even if one enjoys it? Whatever a person does or doesn't want to be, so long as they are alive they can change.. it may not be easy but most things worth doing aren't easy for everyone

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