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the source of all there a 3rd or 4th theory??

evolution...part of me wants it to be true, yet i know one has yet to claim being witness to the evolution process.
why has the evolution process stopped??
is the new species is supposed to be more intelligent??
if so why do i see so much stupidity in humans??
if not how did the new species survive and procreate??
have humans peaked and are now descending into chaos??
imploding as our species devolves??
if evolution is true why live to a moral code??
why have laws against theft, rape, murder,etc to protect the weak and innocent??
why isnt the nudist, hedonist, incestuous lifestyle acceptable??
only the strongest is supposed to survive.

the book known as the Bible...
is so maddening even for scholars. a collection of ancient writings the authors could never conceive the idea their words would be debated thousands of years later. will your words or mine be read a month from now?? this book contains incomplete storys, metaphors, paradox. it can only be understood with an understanding of the original language, culture and lifestyle of that time. it tells of an ongoing war being fought in an unseen spiritual dimension. the de devastating effects are spilling over upon a blue and whit spinning ball we know as Earth and currently call home.
no wonder trying to live the life expected of me by my creator is so exhausting annd exasperating that it is impossible. we are bombarded and distracted with billions of dollars of worldly temptations trying to convince us we cant live without the product\service being pedaled. trying to swim against the in the opposite direction of a sea of humanity. i stumble and fall, worn down by the daily grind and monotony. i take 1 step forward and 3 steps back. even as i attempt to type this i am bombarded by manmade noise from all directions. nearly all music gendras glorify sinful drunkeness, getting high, vulgarity, rape, murder, etc. and church going people join in the singing and dancing...including mysellf in the past.
the seemingly silent presence of an intangible triune GOD is not enough for me. he formed me and placed within me the need for a spouse with whom i share 100% love and devotion...not 50\50. and yet HE has withheld this blessing. and until he does i will remain incomplete. meanwhile there is a vast dark black empty hole in my life. it does not like HIS Light. it demands to be fed with the basic animalistic carnal lusts. for a short while i can distract it, even laugh at it. but eventually it will feed it and enjoy a few minjutes of pleasure. later i tremble at the thought of having swallowed the poision. for its effects are not immediate.
but wait until the due bill comes!! what have i done!!!
so i pray Lord with all my humbleness and sincerity protect me from evil. this valley of dark shadows is so long. and the stoms of life are unrelenting. know there is a lost lamb in need of rescue. save me Lord!!! reassure i do have place at your great banquet with all who have gone on before me. amen
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Elessar · 26-30, M
It isn't really an open question, Science doesn't debate about creationism vs evolutionism. Evolution in particular has never stopped, or we wouldn't be dealing with CoV-2 mutations (or COVID altogether right now), don't you think?

It's only die-hard religious anti-scientific folks who keeps pushing that nonsense as anything factual. Not even the Church itself supports creationism as the actual explanation for the genesis of the universe.

And for the record, there are people in 2021 who still believe the Earth to be flat, so the fact some folks can't accept reality doesn't matter much.
morvoren · F
Evolution doesn’t happen to stop a species committing crimes, it happens to help it adapt better to its environment. It’s not a moral wish list, because morals are a human invention. And you can see evolution still happening even if it’s only clear in other species.
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
Evolution hasn't stopped, it just happens very slowly and our large population and social structure slows it further as more and more of us reach and engage in the breeding cycle. Evolution favors those that reproduce. I'll leave it to the religious to go into how you are getting faith wrong because I don't believe, but I do think you are well away from the typical understandings of that as well.
CynicGirl · 31-35, F
evolution is a concept that has taken place of millions of years... just a small example of the scale of time we walking here the t-rex is closer to humans in time then it was to the stegosaurus...

society and morality is a concept that is merely 6000 years old and both concepts are in no way related.

as for why we have laws and rules.. not randomly murdering people is more effective then killing people without reason
OggggO · 31-35, M
[quote]no one has yet to claim being witness to the evolution process.[/quote]
You're kidding, right? Evolution hasn't just been witnessed, it's been caught on camera.
Jill1990 · 31-35, F
Evolution is not a theory at all, but a proven fact. You don’t have to witness the different stages when you have fossil records and bones that show the way. This isn’t some text written by some superstitious old men in an attempt to start a new cult. Who knows what else may have happened in the past, but evolution is not in question.
While i sense that this isn't really a question where you actually want to know about evolution, i'm going to answer the evolutionary aspects of it.

[quote]part of me wants it to be true[/quote]

Well then that part of you is in luck! Evolution has certainly occurred and is corroborated by independent lines of evidence (eg> biology, paleontology, genetics, geology, ontogeny) all converging on the same conclusion: evolution and common ancestry.

[quote]no one has yet to claim being witness to the evolution process.[/quote]

Actually it's been witnessed many times even under laboratory conditions. One group of organisms becoming distinct from another group of organisms.

[quote]is the new species is supposed to be more intelligent??

No, not necessarily. Evolution is not about becoming smarter or bigger or stronger or going from good to better. It's about adaptive and maladaptive what's beneficial for an organism under a given (and changeable) set of circumstance.

[quote]if so why do i see so much stupidity in humans??

Humans are incredibly intelligent. As a species we totally dominated the planet in a way no other animal has ever come close to.
But we're still products of evolution, still packed with instincts over which we have far less control than we like to think.
Don't mistake doing stupid things for not being intelligent animals.

[quote]if not how did the new species survive and procreate??
So many answers. Off the dome:
Our ancestors were smarter than other animals.
Our social structure gave us advantages over other predators and prey animals.
Intelligence is not the only way to achieve success in a given niche.

[quote]have humans peaked and are now descending into chaos??

Developmentally you might say that we peaked a long time ago. But as for our society, technology and science, nope. We are making progress at an incredible rate. And as much as the globally connected nature of our media makes it seem like things are getting worse we're actually improving year by year: fewer wars, longer life spans, less infant mortality, less poverty and on and on.
If you're interested in that i recommend
The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker.

[quote]if evolution is true why live to a moral code?? why have laws against theft, rape, murder,etc to protect the weak and innocent??

Because we value each other and ourselves as persons and living, sentient beings. Whether we evolved or a god made us has no bearing on that fact.
Either it is a value one holds or it isn't. Whether you have these sensibilities as a result of evolving as a social animal or because a deity imbued you with them make no difference.
Additionally, as a social creature we live in groups. That's our strength and moral and legal prohibitions against things like theft, rape and murder are conducive to a productive, cohesive society.

[quote]only the strongest is supposed to survive.

Not quite. Only the most adaptive survive and part of what makes humans so highly successful is our ability to cooperate, communicate and care for other members of the group.

Not to mention that evolution is a great model for the diversification of life but is not meant to be used as a social policy lol.
1490wayb · 51-55, M
[@360493,Pikachu] you did an excellent job responding!!
i respectfully disagree with evoluion though

I will respectfully resist the urge to debate you on it lol
Emosaur · M
As others have already said, evolution is a fact and you not liking it doesn't make it any less of a fact. I know you'll keep saying you "disagreed" with it, but that's about as valid as saying you "disagreed" with the fact that the Earth is a sphere.
There are some things you simply can't have an opinion on or disagree with, but you either accept them (making you right) or reject them (making you wrong).

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